Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?

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Why do you think the same few headlines are constantly bombarding you every week? Why do you think you are constantly addressed to be panicked and scared? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed, confident and certain in your knowledge about what is happening? Or have you grown accustomed to the panic induced stress lashing out from your media agents?

If the same few things (like ideas and events) are shown to be proposed and happening consistently throughout the globe no matter the people, group, culture or country, I think it’s time to start paying attention to how that is possible and what that means. Do you notice when the media is spreading their ‘news’ that it is in terms of trying to propose that one group, place, political or religious way is better than another because “X, Y or Z” is to blame? They tend to simultaneously show those same issues existing in their chosen circles that they promote too, just with a slight difference, so to justify their existence and thus, garner support for their cause.

Propaganda is Alive and Well and All That Has Been Taught To You

Why is it acceptable to blame the people on the ground in one group or country in one instance and then support the group, regime, culture, religion, government or corporation in another? Why do you think it is that the media in your country is telling you all about the terrible things going on around the world and to other people? Laying blame here and there rather than critiquing their own country or leadership and informing the citizenry of what they need to do for themselves?

Why has politics become nothing more than a popularity contest and the media is nothing more than their hype girls marketing their lies?

Think about that. We are coming to terms with the fact that crimes, corruption, poverty, hardship, need for food, shelter, water, love and family is consistent no matter who we are or where we are. Yet, the media manipulates these issues and realities according to specific people, groups, countries and policies. The actual truth you need can be found within your own life and the actual realities you face every single day in the interactions you have with the real people and places in which you live and roam.

No matter what the TV or radio tells you – the life you live, the actions you make and the things you see with your own eyes, feel with your own heart and think with your own mind are the truth. Not what you are told is the truth somewhere else. To expand your truth and horizon, you must read and explore for yourself – to see, understand and know the truths beyond your own reality – again, you won’t find it just being told.

The Propagandists Don’t Even Know Who They Are – So Let’s Make It Known

When we stop and think about it – the mainstream media outlets, their agents and their ‘news’ are a clobbering giant bashing us over the head. Always and repeatedly telling us what to think, know and worry about. Out of fear or wanting to be part of the in crowd and being swayed by pay, those agents who tell the ‘news’ follow the path of least resistance. They lead the way for lazy reporting to toe the line and perpetuate the propaganda that bombards us daily.

Recognition and discussion of the same stories is a norm now for many people because the same repetitive headlines cross their paths. They tend to assume that the best and most reliable information comes from these sources since they dictate so many aspects of our lives; politically, socially and economically.

Knowing who to blame or presenting the trending concern for the growing issues hitting those on the ground has become the norm for reporting. Being able to be the one to say it first or the one to release the story first became the priority over whether the story holds any truth or not. Perpetuating ‘news’ information as being legitimate because of who said it or released it first rather than it necessarily being true or informative.

So Now What?

Those at the top and those reporting the information are moving further out of reach and out of touch. They are allowed to skirt around their responsibilities as reporters; dictating stories based on their own interpretations or passing the buck of their responsibility to just ‘following orders’. Perpetuating chaos on the ground as the truth gets more convoluted and based on their personal opinions rather than based on any facts. While we hold no power in the decision making of many of the groups dictating the consumption norms and information we read, we see ourselves reflected in the reports of who is to blame for all the over consumption, greed and harm that is prevalent.

False: We Are Only Allowed and Capable of Knowing Certain Things

We may not have the power to decide what these groups or people do, but we do have the power to choose what controls us. To let it in or not, or to allow it to influence us or not. We do have power and choice over ourselves and what we want to know and how we want to know it. We have the power to trust or not and to remind people that they have to earn trust, and work to keep that trust.

Do we know our own powers? Are we capable of looking to the root of something? Can we break down all aspects of an issue to find its contributing factors and find ways to actually deal with it? Are we able to rely on our own search for information and observations within our own lives to combat these reports designed to control us through guilt?

Independent Millennial, Why Does The News Tell You What You Are 'Supposed' To Know, If There Is Nothing To Hide Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: If there is nothing to hide? Why is there so much confusion created in revealing the truth?

Can we start a better path forward by first looking in the mirror and recognizing what we are capable of, and doing as a species? Can we do this so that we can finally rectify and change the concept that ideas, beliefs, decisions and actions exist to be forced onto others rather than respected as an individual, private matter and choice? Can we do this to work towards a better future?

Ever Wonder Why We Are Being Told What To Know Rather Than Being Able To Search For Information?

The mainstream status quo is doing everything in its power to steal and hold the limelight. They want to hide what they want and maintain control over their level of exposure. They pick and choose what stays in the dark and what is brought to light, while also choosing who will stay in the dark and who will be brought to the light. A precarious game to be playing in the spotlight with all eyes watching.

We Must Expect and Enforce the Truth from Journalists and Media

When we go unchecked – people tend to focus on hiding issues within layers of band-aids and red tape, so afraid to face the truth and the hardships of being human. We must be our harshest critic, always checking ourselves for the capacity to be or commit evil, making sure to do what is right instead.

Funny thing about keeping us is the darkness while they shine the light on themselves – while they try to keep certain things in the shadows – we now take shelter there with their hidden truths, giving us the opportunity to become friends with the truth and bring it into the light.

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