Resources To Check Out For Your Own Information

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Resources are for your information, so check out all the resources you can – even ones you may not like or agree with. Make sure to research and analyze for yourself – so you can know for yourself. Be your own curator of information and gather as much of it as you can through as many resources as you can!


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Asking Questions, Using Critical Thinking and Logic Is Vitally Important to Navigating Our Surroundings, Interactions and Decisions As Human Beings.

We can always be learning and should try not to assume that we know everything, especially with a rapidly changing world. In times like these (but also throughout history and into the future) it’s important to never give up your desire to learn. As well as your ability to educate yourself, exercising your critical thinking to do so.

Resources FYI – There Can Never Be One Source For News and Information

Mainstream Media Paints All the Pictures We Are So Sure We Know.

When navigating through and analyzing other perspectives and sources for information, the most important thing to do is to use critical thinking. Sometimes it’s best to take the approach that when you’ve come across something that you believe to be just wildly outlandish propaganda or against your views, beliefs, ideas or perspectives is to recognize that and not engage negatively. The point is to recognize the variety of views out there being made while finding your way, sifting through them to make your own conclusions.

Manipulation and propaganda are like a bully – you cannot feed into what they want – giving them your power and fear so they feel better about themselves and feel power over you. Do not feed such needs, do not feed such harms, do not give such things energy. If you can see that it is trying to feed confusion, give it nothing. When we focus on and only make space for the truth, information and education, we do not create room for the other, and without space to fester, such things fade instead, to nothing.

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Sharing information brings us all closer together – learning and growing – as we recognize what we are capable of when we think for ourselves, work together and focus on the truth.

Explore More Below

Here’s A Short List of Various Channels, Websites and Sources for Research, Understanding, News and Information to Check Out, Try to Always Know Who and What You Are Dealing With:

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