Losing Sense of Veracity In A Lost World: A Short Story

Losing Sense of Veracity In A Lost World: A Short Story Within the hollow walls of the quarantined city of Veracity lies a choking fog of turmoil and beyond the twisted, dark hills, stands the man of forgotten entities. This is a man who lost his essence, lost what he was, and eventually his identity.Continue reading “Losing Sense of Veracity In A Lost World: A Short Story”

The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness

The beginning of a pursuit to happiness aligns with you being you… Do what you want, say what you need and be who you are.Do your own thing and always know your worth.We all have to play the game in order to win it, so learn the lessons, read the books, get your knowledge inContinue reading “The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness”

Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper

Here is a free verse poem, An Expensive Piece of Paper. I have an expensive piece of paper. They said it’s worth it, I’ll need it. Though I’ll be paying for it… The rest of my life. Since this paper has no experience, I’ve still to find the funds for it – because even thoughContinue reading “Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper”

The Story Teller

The Story Teller: A Short Story She cannot remove this feeling from her limbs, like something pulling on each sure step. There’s no clear face to read, only an outline to be traced back to a shadow of a conversation. Though they are only words, its the consistency of this joke that makes it allContinue reading “The Story Teller”

A Note From My Younger Self

A note from my younger self – she was watching the world through honest eyes and wanted everyone to see what she could see… This is a place alive with energy, colour and scenery that can take your breath away. A place so beautiful and plentiful that life can thrive upon it. From this landContinue reading “A Note From My Younger Self”

Millennial Predictions Are Now Coming True

Millennial Predictions, a poem on the corruption and greed that plagues our lives… Corruption, destruction and world wide hate,ripping everything to pieces and enjoying the scene.The people watch each other and laugh in despairwhile the next generation suffers their pain.Jealousy, greed and want for control,narrow minds follow paths of isolation untold.Caught in the lines ofContinue reading “Millennial Predictions Are Now Coming True”

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