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Here’s to being independent, sharing ideas, thoughts, art, research, information, designs, DIY projects, natural beauty and some funny stuff too; for inspiration towards living and doing things in our own unique ways, for and by ourselves.

We are bombarded by external factors telling us what to think and what to care about. Here I want to inspire you to find that for yourself. To encourage independence in finding your own purpose and understanding for yourself. One that works for you, and how real life truly works.

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Hi there, my name is Carley and welcome to my site! I am Sensitive Betch, the writer, editor, developer, and content creator for everything you read and see here and on my social media for Independent Millennial as Sensitive Betch. My aim is to build this site’s presence as organically as I can. I want to prioritize the positive abilities of the internet – it’s giving access to information and being a wingman to further independence in the modern world – instead of the negative, dramatic propaganda that it can and has been used for. I’d like to contribute to encouraging transparency and truth through my work and site so that we can all utilize it the best we can.

There’s a tendency for me to dabble in all sorts of interests and trades here, so have fun exploring it all! You might just find what you’re looking for! There’s anything and everything for you to explore here; from politics and information resources, to art, media and funny stuff. There’s creative writing, poetry and some serious questions and ideas discussed here too. DIY projects, beauty tips and tricks and our cats to brighten the mood… Just so we can take a break from the madness here and there, to remember to appreciate the funny (and cute) parts of life sometimes.

I’m a lifestyle and DIY blogger, writer, creator and front-end web developer. My education background is in social services and politics and governance and I left my career in social housing management to pursue my passions and a life of purpose because I refuse to adhere to the corruption of status quo and to be a pawn in this broken system. So in a world always changing, I’d rather dabble in all sorts of interests, ideas, knowledge and trades than to think I should, or could only ever master one. I’m here exercising my freedom and trying to live life with purpose; encouraging independence, transparency and truth.


It’s just me behind the scenes here. I write, create and post as Sensitive Betch because I like to maintain my privacy best I can in this ever changing world. I want to try to be accessible as a person you can relate to on some level though still too. This site is about you finding content that you can relate to and might feel inspired by. Here we can know that there are more of us out there, thinking and feeling the same kinds of ways as each other. This is a hub to share ideas, thoughts, research, information, design and some fun and beauty to inspire you to do things in your own kinds of ways for yourself too.

Working and Learning and Learning and Working

I am teaching myself with the help of a great online community and courses. I have learned tons and am able to learn hands on as I am building this site further. So many people want to share their knowledge to help others become more independent and confident and it has certainly helped me in developing my site and projects. Working online with such guided support makes such a difference and has honestly been the best self-teaching process. The silver lining to having and requiring so much education and learning is that I now expect there to be extra hurdles for me to jump just so that I may start from scratch again. With that consistency, I just keep adding these skills to my repertoire to better serve us independently as we figure out and do more and more for ourselves.

A World Full of Interests and Trades

It has been my lifelong wonder as to why everything is always getting worse if everyone’s job has existed to make things better? I have always wondered how and when people were convinced that continuously working on a problem without ever finalizing a solution meant doing a job?

When the main commonalities of social, political and economic norms, costs and laws do not make sense, I thought we were supposed to learn and explore how to do better and ensure things did eventually make sense. I started school with arts, then continued for social services and then politics and governance and continued to see the same.

I noticed a system and thinking of people solidifying itself to perpetuate the same things; building upon broken ideas and policies that already made no sense and people not noticing or asking why. No matter what kind of job I work or where it is, the same problems are always trickling down and I cannot stop them all. I left my management job to focus on working from home and for myself; realizing I cannot fix the world and it’s not actually my job. Also finally realizing and breaking free from my role on the hamster wheel. Only ever being used and taken advantage of while the personal pressures and debts mount and the national culture of grifting accelerates further.

Find Your Own Way

I am happy to be on the outskirts of society, never following status quo or the crowd. I am quite alright to be walking my own way, besides I’ve got the love of my life walking right along side with me. We now realize that our “job” is to just figure out and live our own lives as we see fit – finding our own purpose. With and without any of the judgment that will always come along with it. I value learning and thus use my education and skills more myself than any job has ever valued or pushed. I want to know exactly where we stand and to know that our love and care for each other is what will give our family it’s purpose to thrive independently. I’m here to encourage you to do the same and find that for yourself as it makes sense to you.

Choosing What Really Matters

I do not believe that creating groups to pick sides is helpful in order to determine what is more important or not because of social constructs and what is subjective. When a system, belief, idea or action is being enforced, normalized, thought by or effects the majority, I believe it is vitally important to understand it at its root and ask questions.

More than any of that I believe it is most important for us all to be able to design and devise a life of purpose for ourselves, making the most of what we have and who we are as individuals. Through it all I’ve realized my natural instinct to question things and go my own way has led me to realize what is most important for me now as I realize my purpose for this life; building with and prioritizing the love of my life as we jump off the hamster wheel and choose a life for ourselves.

Independent Millennial, About, Think For Yourself Quote Image By Sensitive Betch: Think for yourself. Speak for yourself. Research for yourself. Explore for yourself. Inspire yourself. Make a life for yourself.

Love is what really matters and there is no one image of what that is. Life is a bumpy road filled with ups and downs of hardship, learning and success. Finding and keeping your best relationship will take choosing it and working on it every day because it matters. In the end money doesn’t save you, it will be your choices that lead you along for the ride and love that holds you through it all to the end.

Blogger, Writer, Creator, Front-End Web Developer

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As my site expands, I hope it allows you to navigate everything with ease and encourages you to come back, finding more to explore each time! You may find that the design, set up, and items are changing or moving around here and there as it grows. With that in mind, I am trying my best to have it functioning as smoothly as possible while I am constantly developing it and creating and sharing stuff for you to explore!

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Thanks for Being Here and I Hope It Finds You Well.  

Thank you to everyone past, present and still to arrive and for those who always come back. I hope you have been enjoying the journey along the way and continue it as we go!

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