Media: Who’s Version of the News Do You Read or See?

Propaganda Media Brainwashing
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Media is not relaying information to you honestly. It defines what you should know according to them based on the desires of Government, Corporations and the Elites that run them. This way you are only understanding and using the information they give to you, how they want you to.
Do you know what you think you know?

Remember Their Methods: Rules For Thee But Not For Me

I want to show you the simple moves they make, creating the narrative people follow as truth. Taking lead on issuing their own interpreted directives that the public “should follow” as safety protocols, etc. This has been happening for a very long time, especially since 1913/1914.

So why does history repeat itself so consistently if it’s not manufactured to continue these cycles of manipulation?

Watch for Propaganda

Once the power of knowledge and information was realized by those who wanted control they took advantage of the networks of communication. Ever since they have determine the narrative enforced on and believed by the public. Control is the priority and brainwashing is the tool so that they can push people to choose their own demise and to give consent to giving up their freedoms.

Shine A Light Into This Darkness

We need to bring to light all that has been festering for all these years to gain power, money and control for the few over the many. Enslaving people to minimize their purpose to making money and security for someone else while they lose touch with their own worth. Making life about a pursuit towards an early death rather than an endeavor to thrive through life.

Media: Who's Version of the News Do You Read or See: George Carlin Quote that "they" own everything and don't want you thinking about anything yourself.

The Interesting Part Is That It’s All Out There For You To See Yourself

Check out:

Check Out Some PDFs You Can Download:

Read more on this stuff: World Economic Forum: Corruption of Leaders and Government

These Revolutions Were Created By Them To Ensure Their Accumulation of Wealth

They promote themselves as the wonderful saviors necessary for our survival and success. In reality they are the perpetrators who created the problems they are issuing solutions to. The growing wealth and gap between us has been realized through their ruling and systems of manipulation and production.

Access and sharing information should promote confidence and open mindedness, but instead we are watching the world be lead by fear, uncertainty and sickness. We have the ability to research and choose for ourselves so we need to stop choosing to follow blindly to our own demise each time.

Have you been doing research yourself or want to read more about these issues? Read more Governance Concepts and Theories posts here.

It’s all been coming to a boil slowly over time but hindsight is 20/20 and you can start making the connections now. There is no time like the present – find your purpose and take this time to start anew.

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