Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings

Power and responsibility, what do they even mean to people anymore? Are those concepts truly understood or valued at all? I keep thinking about the immensely famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world…” and how truly ignored and undervalued it is. Do people know who they want to be orContinue reading “Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings”

Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World

Holding onto ourselves for dear life! Hello Everyone! The season is changing and it’s a chance to start fresh. Sorry it’s been a minute. We’ve been busy lately – life keeps throwing us curve balls here in Canada and we are settling in after a move to top it off. There is a lot toContinue reading “Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World”

Time to Reflect: Check Out This Movie Connecting Many Dots

Time to reflect: Interested in watching a film that will get you thinking about connections? Ever heard of a film called Kymatica from 2010 by Ben Stewart? Here’s an interesting one to get you thinking about the history of time, the messages and information around us and more specifically, ourselves. And as I always sayContinue reading “Time to Reflect: Check Out This Movie Connecting Many Dots”

Stop Being Their Audience

Stop being their audience… the only power that anybody has is the power that you give to them. This is true for absolutely every aspect of what we deal with personally, politically and socially. We give power to those who represent us, giving trust to the fact that they will not take advantage of thatContinue reading “Stop Being Their Audience”

Music for the Soul: Watch Opera, Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco

Music is needed for the soul. Watch this! Don’t lose hope just yet and find solace in the beauty that still does and can exist, like music. Times are hard and there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel with all that is going on. It seems that no matterContinue reading “Music for the Soul: Watch Opera, Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco”

When Reading The News, Sift Through It Critically

When it comes to the news, it’s best to stand within the perspective to always be questioning. So make sure you sift through the news critically… Just having a think about this… A lot of the “news” that we see and hear being broadcasted on an almost consistent schedule – coming from many of theContinue reading “When Reading The News, Sift Through It Critically”

Gathering My Latest Thoughts

Gathering My Thoughts From The Last While Common sense is not all that common and when common sense is lacking, it makes trouble for everyone. Governance and leadership are hard because it’s difficult to be an advocate for what is right and keep going. You will know when you get there. Often times, those whoContinue reading “Gathering My Latest Thoughts”

Guidance From My Guardian Angel

Guidance From My Guardian Angel: Books, Quotes, Words, Thoughts, Ideas & Lessons of Guidance I’m very lucky to have Guardian Angels in my life who share information with me that is applicable to my current path and want to help keep me focused on it. Reminding me to take care of myself and focus onContinue reading “Guidance From My Guardian Angel”

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