Time to Reflect: Check Out This Movie Connecting Many Dots

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Time to reflect: Interested in watching a film that will get you thinking about connections? Ever heard of a film called Kymatica from 2010 by Ben Stewart?

Here’s an interesting one to get you thinking about the history of time, the messages and information around us and more specifically, ourselves. And as I always say when gathering information; enter with an open mind!

Since it’s boxing day, may as well curl up and watch a movie!

My dad sent me this link to the movie Kymatica, on YouTube to check out and I’m glad that he did. It’s always interesting watching/reading/listening to those who ask questions, have been analyzing history, gathering information and connecting it through time and to now, to help us make sense of how we have found ourselves here. With that, they shine light on what we have lost track of, where we may have gone astray or how we are moving through those phases in history towards a specific direction and/or goal.

This film is from 2010 and after watching it today I find it’s information to still be relevant. Amazing that after 11 years, we don’t appear to be any closer to knowing what’s what. Makes it so that this message is still required as we continue to find ourselves in search for the truth in these things, while in conflict with ourselves as we try to ask questions and search for the truth in what makes sense.

Kymatica by Ben Stewart

I find this highlights a lot of important items and feelings that we are all dealing with, in particular, the intensity of flight or fight modes as we all feel under attack but not always sure as to by what or why. It is an interesting perspective on how we move from one step to the next, creating domino effects throughout history, prioritizing all things above the self, losing track of what we need to keep close.

This is an interesting film highlighting connections through time, both around us and within us. It touches on nearly every issue, event, idea and theory throughout history and people, connecting them in ways that allow the domino effect to make sense in how it affects us.

Ready to think more about the power of the self and what you have the power to do for yourself?

It delves into the difficulties we face when our inner self is under attack, ignored and not maintained as an important priority to maintain as one with nature.

Many of us may be experiencing a lot more anxiety, anger and overwhelming feelings that may or may not makes sense. This film may help look at various perspectives as to what is causing those things, specifically this mass fight or flight mode that many of us are experiencing consistently.

Have you been interested in reflecting on what lies within you and around you?

It is important for human beings to be free and choose for themselves but in order for us to do the best for ourselves, we need to be able to reflect, accept and prioritize those needs. A history experienced in prioritizing the undermining of humans most basic needs, highlights our disconnection from nature and ourselves. This chaotic feeling that many of us are experiencing needs to be nurtured, paid attention to and understood so that we can find our way back to ourselves and reliving lives that make sense for us as human beings that respect all that we share life with.

Keep your mind open as you take in this perspective because it’s important to gather information from all sources and angles to get a better view of the whole picture that may be in existence.

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