Resources To Check Out For Your Own Information

Resources are for your information, so check out all the resources you can – even ones you may not like or agree with. Make sure to research and analyze for yourself – so you can know for yourself. Be your own curator of information and gather as much of it as you can through as many resources as you can!


Asking Questions, Using Critical Thinking and Logic Is Vitally Important to Navigating Our Surroundings, Interactions and Decisions As Human Beings.

We can always be learning and should try not to assume that we know everything, especially with a rapidly changing world. In times like these (but also throughout history and into the future) it’s important to never give up your desire to learn. As well as your ability to educate yourself, exercising your critical thinking to do so.

Resources FYI – There Can Never Be One Source For News and Information

Mainstream Media Paints All the Pictures We Are So Sure We Know.

When navigating through and analyzing other perspectives and sources for information, the most important thing to do is to use critical thinking. Sometimes it’s best to take the approach that when you’ve come across something that you believe to be just wildly outlandish propaganda or against your views, beliefs, ideas or perspectives is to recognize that and not engage negatively. The point is to recognize the variety of views out there being made while finding your way, sifting through them to make your own conclusions.

Manipulation and propaganda are like a bully – you cannot feed into what they want – giving them your power and fear so they feel better about themselves and feel power over you. Do not feed such needs, do not feed such harms, do not give such things energy. If you can see that it is trying to feed confusion, give it nothing. When we focus on and only make space for the truth, information and education, we do not create room for the other, and without space to fester, such things fade instead, to nothing.

Resources For Your Information: education through information gathering

Sharing information brings us all closer together – learning and growing – as we recognize what we are capable of when we think for ourselves, work together and focus on the truth.

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Here’s A Short List of Various Channels, Websites and Sources for Research, Understanding, News and Information to Check Out, Try to Always Know Who and What You Are Dealing With:


Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?

Why do you think the same few headlines are constantly bombarding you every week? Why do you think you are constantly addressed to be panicked and scared? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed, confident and certain in your knowledge about what is happening? Or have you grown accustomed to the panic induced stress lashing out from your media agents?

If the same few things (like ideas and events) are shown to be proposed and happening consistently throughout the globe no matter the people, group, culture or country, I think it’s time to start paying attention to how that is possible and what that means. Do you notice when the media is spreading their ‘news’ that it is in terms of trying to propose that one group, place, political or religious way is better than another because “X, Y or Z” is to blame? They tend to simultaneously show those same issues existing in their chosen circles that they promote too, just with a slight difference, so to justify their existence and thus, garner support for their cause.

Propaganda is Alive and Well and All That Has Been Taught To You

Why is it acceptable to blame the people on the ground in one group or country in one instance and then support the group, regime, culture, religion, government or corporation in another? Why do you think it is that the media in your country is telling you all about the terrible things going on around the world and to other people? Laying blame here and there rather than critiquing their own country or leadership and informing the citizenry of what they need to do for themselves?

Why has politics become nothing more than a popularity contest and the media is nothing more than their hype girls marketing their lies?

Think about that. We are coming to terms with the fact that crimes, corruption, poverty, hardship, need for food, shelter, water, love and family is consistent no matter who we are or where we are. Yet, the media manipulates these issues and realities according to specific people, groups, countries and policies. The actual truth you need can be found within your own life and the actual realities you face every single day in the interactions you have with the real people and places in which you live and roam.

No matter what the TV or radio tells you – the life you live, the actions you make and the things you see with your own eyes, feel with your own heart and think with your own mind are the truth. Not what you are told is the truth somewhere else. To expand your truth and horizon, you must read and explore for yourself – to see, understand and know the truths beyond your own reality – again, you won’t find it just being told.

The Propagandists Don’t Even Know Who They Are – So Let’s Make It Known

When we stop and think about it – the mainstream media outlets, their agents and their ‘news’ are a clobbering giant bashing us over the head. Always and repeatedly telling us what to think, know and worry about. Out of fear or wanting to be part of the in crowd and being swayed by pay, those agents who tell the ‘news’ follow the path of least resistance. They lead the way for lazy reporting to toe the line and perpetuate the propaganda that bombards us daily.

Recognition and discussion of the same stories is a norm now for many people because the same repetitive headlines cross their paths. They tend to assume that the best and most reliable information comes from these sources since they dictate so many aspects of our lives; politically, socially and economically.

Knowing who to blame or presenting the trending concern for the growing issues hitting those on the ground has become the norm for reporting. Being able to be the one to say it first or the one to release the story first became the priority over whether the story holds any truth or not. Perpetuating ‘news’ information as being legitimate because of who said it or released it first rather than it necessarily being true or informative.

So Now What?

Those at the top and those reporting the information are moving further out of reach and out of touch. They are allowed to skirt around their responsibilities as reporters; dictating stories based on their own interpretations or passing the buck of their responsibility to just ‘following orders’. Perpetuating chaos on the ground as the truth gets more convoluted and based on their personal opinions rather than based on any facts. While we hold no power in the decision making of many of the groups dictating the consumption norms and information we read, we see ourselves reflected in the reports of who is to blame for all the over consumption, greed and harm that is prevalent.

False: We Are Only Allowed and Capable of Knowing Certain Things

We may not have the power to decide what these groups or people do, but we do have the power to choose what controls us. To let it in or not, or to allow it to influence us or not. We do have power and choice over ourselves and what we want to know and how we want to know it. We have the power to trust or not and to remind people that they have to earn trust, and work to keep that trust.

Do we know our own powers? Are we capable of looking to the root of something? Can we break down all aspects of an issue to find its contributing factors and find ways to actually deal with it? Are we able to rely on our own search for information and observations within our own lives to combat these reports designed to control us through guilt?

Why Does The News Tell You What You Are 'Supposed' To Know? If there is nothing to hide... why is there so much confusion created in revealing the truth?

Can we start a better path forward by first looking in the mirror and recognizing what we are capable of, and doing as a species? Can we do this so that we can finally rectify and change the concept that ideas, beliefs, decisions and actions exist to be forced onto others rather than respected as an individual, private matter and choice? Can we do this to work towards a better future?

Ever Wonder Why We Are Being Told What To Know Rather Than Being Able To Search For Information?

The mainstream status quo is doing everything in its power to steal and hold the limelight. They want to hide what they want and maintain control over their level of exposure. They pick and choose what stays in the dark and what is brought to light, while also choosing who will stay in the dark and who will be brought to the light. A precarious game to be playing in the spotlight with all eyes watching.

We Must Expect and Enforce the Truth from Journalists and Media

When we go unchecked – people tend to focus on hiding issues within layers of band-aids and red tape, so afraid to face the truth and the hardships of being human. We must be our harshest critic, always checking ourselves for the capacity to be or commit evil, making sure to do what is right instead.

Funny thing about keeping us is the darkness while they shine the light on themselves – while they try to keep certain things in the shadows – we now take shelter there with their hidden truths, giving us the opportunity to become friends with the truth and bring it into the light.


Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?

Passion is such an important aspect of our character and souls. It fuels us in our endeavors and purpose and can lead us towards a life of happiness and satisfaction. That being said, a full and happy life does not always mean a quiet and peaceful one. A full, happy and healthy life has many ups and many downs, helping us to learn and to value the growth on our journey.

The Only Competition Should Be Within Yourself

Unfortunately, happiness has been portrayed to mean absolute perfection of positivity and winning first place all the time. As if happiness is a competition of who is right all the time, has everything and never stops smiling. Even Merriam-Webster has caught on and updated the definition to make prosperity an obsolete definition for happiness. Because it actually misrepresents what it means to be and maintain true happiness. It is within you, not within stuff, judgment or money.

Any hard times or disagreements endured are equated with being a failure and having an inability to be happy or agreeable at all. Being different or creating waves is often shut down, vilified and used as evidence that any instance of negativity means a person, place or thing is a problem to be dealt with and controlled to be made more agreeable.

Don’t Avoid The Negative Thinking It Will Bring The Positive

The problem with constantly negating and avoiding the truth is that it leaves people vulnerable. Over time they become incapable of understanding the full depths of what is happening to or around them, be that good or bad. Without reflection or balancing the understanding of what is good and bad, people lose the ability to see what they are trying to do. They lose track of how to maintain any balance when they stop themselves from feeling or analyzing anything that looks, feels or seems negative. This ultimately produces fear while undermining a person in everything they do and understand for themselves.

Find Your Balance In Everything

The yin and yang of good and evil, of right and wrong and good and bad exists so that we can learn from each one and do better with the other. They exist in order to learn the importance of one so to protect and work for the maintenance of the other. Without acknowledging or accepting the capacities of both sides, the consequences of both sides and the path created when only choosing one side while ignoring the other can make a person’s life much more difficult as well.

Passion and Happiness, A Poem

Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?

Passion and happiness walk hand in hand, where love and friendship reside. 
So do what makes you smile and always be honest in your life. 

Don't forget to express yourself in everything you do. 
Be understanding and keep the peace with those who surround you. 

Keep your feet on the ground and be free within your life. 
Always try to be courageous and stand up for what is right. 

Follow Your Instincts, Not Someone Else’s Advice

Everything has balance and emotions are natural. So no matter how hard society is trying to undermine our true nature, the truth is that we feel through life. Thus, expressing your feelings is normal and necessary and you are not always going to have control over them. You should not be judged or dismissed through the journey, but you do need to be in touch with them to make it out to the other side.

Emotions are a force to be reckoned with but have been minimized alongside our need to live a life of purpose that is for ourselves. This force helps drive us. It is an intensity that can come out in all forms and be driven by all types of things to lead a person towards what matters to them. Happiness is built within you. As you grow, learn, adapt and change through the hard times, you will find yourself in better times again and again. If you use those times to reflect and try, you will be able to keep the good times in sight and better thrive to the end.

Keep Going.


Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings

Power and responsibility, what do they even mean to people anymore? Are those concepts truly understood or valued at all?

I keep thinking about the immensely famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world…” and how truly ignored and undervalued it is.

Do people know who they want to be or who they are? Do many people even know what they want – and is it even valued enough to be able to pursue it? Unfortunately, the truth is that the average person is not trying to be a leader of change in starting with themselves first. In too many cases it seems people just flat out refuse to grow and change. Never holding themselves accountable for the hurt they constantly cause others – especially behind closed doors.

The predictable behaviour of a ‘responsible person’ has been manipulated and lost since people do not have to hold themselves accountable within their private lives or the public sphere anymore. Especially these days where the ‘most powerful’ among us never seem to pay any consequences for their wrongdoings. That might be why there is such a massive breaking point being felt right now – the generations up to this point and those living by the same rulings and norms won’t bend. They don’t really ask questions, are very rigid with status quo, stubborn to new ideas, live by systemic norms and tend to be stagnant to grow and change with time – so they (and their systems) are cracking and breaking under the pressure.

Change Is Happening – Whether You Notice or Not

Change is inevitable through time and needs to be acknowledged instead of manipulated and lied about. Rather than people being honest about themselves, growth and learning, they try to rewrite history again and again in order to prove that they never changed and their one truth remains. If we were held accountable instead, a sense of responsibility could further develop the character and resilience of each individual. We could encourage a common foundation for moral principles and living that could foster better understanding about ourselves and our purpose. This type of living and culture of independence would foster confidence within each individual as they develop the ability to trust in and rely on themselves, their abilities and their own thinking.

Since we have led a path to give up our power, thoughts, control and abilities to the masses, we have lost our confidence and ability to do for ourselves. Since this became a cultural norm, conforming to the masses became the priority while ostracizing those who want to think and do for themselves. Officially labelling such people and lifestyles as alternative and abnormal, needing to be controlled. Processes like this make us a much more vulnerable group, easily manipulated, taken over and part of the problem as abusers of power.

Asking questions, experimenting, researching, trying and doing are all part and parcel to understanding the environment you’re in and have to survive. Doing all of these things for and by yourself makes you a force to be reckoned with. When you can stand on your own two feet and lead yourself, you can feel confident in your own abilities and the need to be doing it for yourself.

Quoted from GoodReads:

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Now Truly Is The Time To Start

It is time to recognize our power and responsibilities as individual human beings created to survive and to thrive within this world. Time for us to understand, appreciate and respect why nature exists and how we can live with it and learn from it. We need to give up on the arrogant notion that it’s our right as human beings at the top of the food chain to righteously manipulate and defeat our environment.

Take Care of Yourself and Believe in Yourself.

You have certainly endured enough to realize your own power and to be your own person to stand up and speak up for yourself on your own terms. Your differences are supposed to exist to lead you down your own path – we do not all have to agree but we do have to share the space – and thus, we can seek interest in others differences to learn rather than deeming them to be a threat to attack.

Do Not Be Afraid of Your Thoughts or Those Who Are Different

Now is the time to use your mind and your body to think and do for yourself so that others cannot. When you know your own resources, you do not rely on anyone else and you can trust your own instincts and abilities to thrive and to survive by your own means. Focus on being your own means for production, survival and success and you will see your surroundings reflect the same.

Live Your Own Life and Let Others Live Theirs.

Cats Have a Mini Battle! Better Luck Next Time Bud

Cats are the best part of life and Ninja cats make it that much more fun and interesting!

They are so playful and funny to watch! Leo and Derperella are the best father, daughter duo around. As you can see, Derperella is certainly the winner here and Leo isn’t too happy about it. She just might be our next great ninja of the fam. I’m still trying to catch her newest move on camera!

In my mind and heart, our 3 cats are the most wonderful, healing energy and I would recommend anyone and everyone have cats! They always bring light to life and can especially when it seems to be dark. I think they are so lovable and in tune with their nature that they can remind us about the important things in life; love, care and our relationships.

Have a great day everyone!


You Have the Vision, So Do This For Yourself Now

You have a vision of yourself and your life and it will be important right now for you to trust it. You have an understanding of who you are and who you want to be but only you can truly know it. That is why it is up to you to hold onto it and realize that vision for yourself.

Some people may not understand and some people may not agree but that’s okay because it is only you who can see the vision of yourself and life to the end. The process will always be judged by those who do not understand the work necessary to realize those goals.

Do This For Yourself

Your path may be undermined or misunderstood by those who do not understand that such things are a consistent work in progress. It’s your journey to understand, and to live. It is also a great lesson for everyone to learn that each person has their own path to prioritize. The reality in recognizing this for yourself is also realizing that it is totally okay for this vision to keep expanding and growing as you continue to as well.

You Have the Vision, So Do This For Yourself Now: to never become the person you promised to be is to waste your chance at life.

The only person you need to worry about living up to this expectation for is yourself. This is the promise you made and the one that you should live by for yourself. We do not give enough credit to the expectations we hold for ourselves and the affect this desire to feel confident in the path we are following has. Now is the time for change; I think it is worth exploring and striving for so that you can realize your best self and life.


Gerontocracy: Under This Ruling Everyone Suffers In The End

Gerontocracy, have you ever heard of this term? Do you see your peers in power making common sense decisions or your grandmothers and grandfathers age group having fun taking their cake? Are you recognizing the increasing age of those holding and gaining power? Do they seem to be out of touch?

The price of everything is going up and it doesn’t look like there is any intention of stopping the crazy path we’re on. Why has everything lost its value and meaning? What are the driving forces behind this irresponsible, arrogant thinking and action?

Well, have you ever thought about being under the rule of a Gerontocracy?

What in the world is going on huh?…

Nothing will change until the want for power changes. The problem continues to be that everyone is living an indebted life – but why and to who? We have created a society and culture where people start their life owing something to somebody.

People are raised to be indebted to those who brought them into the world. Indebted to the society and structures built around and passed onto them. They are indebted to the choices that are being given and/or taken away from them. All tirelessly indebted to their modern opportunities and the judgment that comes with it being different than what was previous.

Do you notice the average ages of the political, cultural and economic “leaders” over the decades passed? Have you noticed it’s the same people and that group continues to age above society? Generation after generation are living longer and holding onto their positions longer. We have watched the same people hold onto their positions for 30 odd years, and then be given the right to continue to do so based on their own individual desires. To the point their needs and wants are valued above the rest of society and other generations. Without even realizing it, Gerontocracy has been taking a hold to develop the modern day Aristocracy.

Gerontocracy Defined

Copied from as:
Noun | plural, ger·on·toc·ra·cies | [jer-uhn-tok-ruh-see] |
1. Government by a council of elders.
2. A governing body consisting of old people.
3. A state or government in which old people rule.

Copied from as:
Noun | plural gerontocracies | ger·​on·​toc·​ra·​cy | jer-ən-ˈtä-krə-sē |
1. Rule by elders.
2. Specifically : a form of social organization in which a group of old men or a council of elders dominates
or exercises control.

Aristocracy Defined

Copied from as:
Noun | plural, ar·is·toc·ra·cies |
1. a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility.
2. a government or state ruled by an aristocracy, elite, or privileged upper class.
3. government by those considered to be the best or most able people in the state.
4. a governing body composed of those considered to be the best or most able people in the state.
5. any class or group considered to be superior, as through education, ability, wealth, or social prestige.

Copied from as:
Ar·​is·​toc·​ra·​cy | a-rə-ˈstä-krə-sē | er-ə- | plural aristocracies |
1. government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class.
2.A. a government in which power is vested (see VEST entry 2 sense 1a) in a minority consisting of those believed to be best qualified.
2.B. a state with such a government.
3. a governing body or upper class usually made up of a hereditary nobility; a member of the British aristocracy.
4. a class or group of people believed to be superior (as in rank, wealth, or intellect); an intellectual aristocracy.

Isn’t it funny that we have voting systems and representation of the people, yet the same families remain in politics and positions of power? Has the power of the people actually ever increased or has the imbalance only grown? Well if democracy and the direction of these same groups is the be all and end all to all of our success, why do we have less freedom and control over our own decisions and lives?

Never Forget What Was Imposed: “Rules for Thee but Not For ME!”

Media: Who’s Version of the News Do You Read or See?

A Design to Create Sheeple

History can show us that people are very caught up in and indebted to the propaganda and manipulation the smaller group of ruling elites push. Choosing what is to be known and done to perpetuate the same norms throughout society using money, television, media and work. Through this everyone has become indebted to the norms, thoughts, fears and choices realized through brainwashing and a lack of education, information or proper communication.

Unfortunately, through this process individual independence has been undermined and people have given themselves up to the masses. They have given up exercising their free will to choose and to question. We need to realize that we are ultimately responsible for our own choices and the consequences that come with following along. That being said, the sad reality is that decades of manipulation have been endured to make sure this end is realized now.

Good Thing We Have History to Check On

Political, corporate and celebrity elites have defined the modern day Aristocracy. The Silent, Boomer and Gen Xer generations are ensuring it’s a Gerontocracy that rules us all. Unwilling to pass the torch to the next generations or promote freedom or power for them as adults capable of thinking or choosing for themselves. These older groups continue to rule and only pass their power and position onto their families and friends in order to keep the ruling circle small. Through this they maintain their power and standing as they age above and apart from society. This also makes sure that their own ideals are maintained as the mainstream beliefs to be followed.

While they gain more riches and power, the rest of society losses theirs. While the generations grow further apart in age, economic prosperity, respect or understanding, they also grow further out of touch. More often than not kids are paying costs attached to them that are not their burden to bear. Undermining other generations has become a norm within society, always working against one another rather than learning from each other.

Gerontocracy Is Ruining Us All

Aren’t elders meant to pave a path for the next generations to flourish upon as they expand, providing guidance without blockades or fear?

When we have elders who like to hold the carrots for themselves and manipulate the next generations to keep it that way, it causes chaos. That is the exact problem and specific issue we need to be paying close attention to now. It’s time to be able to look in the mirror and admit to who we are, where we are and what truly needs to happen next. We need to keep people in check and people need to recognize and understand their strengths and weaknesses again. There is nothing wrong in recognizing your time to make change. In fact, recognizing and acting based on this knowledge is a true strength we could develop in ourselves better.

The Slow Boil Over Time

Why don’t politicians and bureaucrats live like average citizens? Why do they act like and work with celebrities, propping themselves up as the elites leading the way? The divide between these groups and the rest of society has grown so quickly and large between a few generations in a relatively short period of time. Everything within their reach is getting worse but we praise them anyways. Propping up the older government members and corporate elites while they use our economic hardships to promote their bleeding heart causes.

How is it possible that so much can change but be controlled by the same group of people who complain about the changes they make happen? Why do those with power complain about the consequences and norms of the economic, social and political issues that are passed down to the rest of society? 2022 and all that we endure is the Silent, Boomer and Gen Xers generations’ legacies and mentality. This is what they knowingly passed down to us all as they rule and promote this Gerontocracy. They are all aware that the bill was passed down to their children and future generations as the young suffer and they continue to thrive.

What Is Being Accomplished Anymore?

Virtue signaling has become the overarching societal culture. Everything has drastically changed and people don’t seem to believe in knowing or doing something about information anymore. Instead they just signal about it socially. The psychological warfare to undermine the essence of people and their free will has been long standing and planned. What happened to elders, wisdom and the passing of knowledge and power?

What happened to caring about and encouraging younger generations to thrive better than the previous? The selfishness that has overwhelmed these older populations has caused them to hate and undermine the innocent lives forced to take on what is handed to them. They blame and judge those younger than them for making different choices or failing within the broken systems they are stuck in. These young people are being blamed for the poor leadership and parenting of the older adults that have been ruining the way for decades. The older generations refuse to step aside or to be honest to allow any solutions or proper change for better things to take place.

These Manipulative Mentalities Need to Change and Leave the Public Sphere

In these circles people are out of touch, out of date, refuse to upgrade, manipulate weaknesses and use their strengths to serve themselves. A criminal culture of grifting – to rob Peter to pay Paul, making sure to monopolize opportunities for everyone else. In games like these there are no real winners, unfortunately. Everybody loses in the end because nothing is working in sync. The thing about the inevitability of time is that the truth always comes out within it. The great thing about technology and healthier living is that we now have more time than ever for all truths to be revealed. Thus, the veil is coming down now.

Seek the truth, reflect on the past, be honest for your future and make things better starting now.


Leo Makes A PSA: “Sorry, But They Do NOT Care”

Leo is here to make a Public Service Announcement to everyone. In these hard times no one seems to be listening, but hey, we keep on trying!
He is issuing a reminder to everyone to really take heed of:

Leo Makes A PSA: "Sorry, But They Do NOT Care": PSA your government and corporations do not care about you, only their profits.

Don’t worry though everyone – like he says, just start somewhere; now is the time to think and speak for yourself.

Take care of you and yours. Be resourceful and recognize your strengths and weaknesses that make you human. Try to be open minded to learning and trying new things – life is all about realizing your purpose and thriving as you seek it.

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