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Welcome to Independent Millennial! We are bombarded by external factors telling us what to think and what to care about. Here I want to inspire you to find that for yourself. To encourage independence in finding your own purpose and understanding for yourself. One that works for you, your unique life, family and chosen community. Explore art, creative writing, politics, gardening, cats, funny stuff, DIY projects and beauty tips, interests, hobbies and more to find what inspires you!

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Inspirational Art, Creative Writing, DIY Tips and Tricks, Interests, Politics, Wealth Talk, Funny Stuff, Cats and More to Inspire You!

There’s a tendency to dabble in all sorts of interests and trades here, so have fun exploring it all! Keep on scrolling for different topics. You might just find what you’re looking for! There’s anything and everything for you here; from politics and information resources, to art, media and funny stuff. There’s creative writing, poetry and some serious questions and ideas discussed here too. DIY projects, beauty tips and tricks and our cats to brighten the mood… Just so we can take a break from the madness here and there, to remember to appreciate the funny (and cute) parts of life sometimes.


Inspirational Hub: The Blog Chronicles

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Keep an open mind... gather information for yourself.

Resources To Check Out For Your Own Information

Resources are for your information, so check out all the resources you can – even ones you may not like or agree with. Make sure to research and analyze for yourself – so you can know for yourself. Be your own curator of information and gather as much of it as you can through asContinue reading “Resources To Check Out For Your Own Information”

Um, are we allowed to know that? Stop being told what to know.

Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?

Why do you think the same few headlines are constantly bombarding you every week? Why do you think you are constantly addressed to be panicked and scared? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed, confident and certain in your knowledge about what is happening? Or have you grown accustomed to the panic induced stress lashing outContinue reading “Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?”

Passion and Happiness

Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?

Passion is such an important aspect of our character and souls. It fuels us in our endeavors and purpose and can lead us towards a life of happiness and satisfaction. That being said, a full and happy life does not always mean a quiet and peaceful one. A full, happy and healthy life has manyContinue reading “Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?”

Inspirational Hub: To the masters of the unknown, remaining calm even in times of uncertainty. Moving forward without hesitation; for moving without trustful certainty of the future, is in itself a brave move. Live you life to find your purpose. By Sensitive Betch of Independent Millennial.


Inspirational Hub: For The Love of Art and Media
You have the vision that no one else does.

You Have the Vision, So Do This For Yourself Now

You have a vision of yourself and your life and it will be important right now for you to trust it. You have an understanding of who you are and who you want to be but only you can truly know it. That is why it is up to you to hold onto it andContinue reading “You Have the Vision, So Do This For Yourself Now”

Inspirational Pieces to Make You Think and Feel 🙂
The pursuit of knowledge will always be yours to discover

Knowledge Should Empower You and It’s Yours to Discover

Knowledge is power and should empower you to feel confident in yourself and where you stand. Empower yourself to master your knowledge. The pursuit of your life should be important and focused. People may try to influence you and control your perceptions and access to information, but they cannot do so without your permission. OnceContinue reading “Knowledge Should Empower You and It’s Yours to Discover”


Losing Sense of Veracity a short story

Losing Sense of Veracity In A Lost World: A Short Story

Losing Sense of Veracity In A Lost World: A Short Story Within the hollow walls of the quarantined city of Veracity lies a choking fog of turmoil and beyond the twisted, dark hills, stands the man of forgotten entities. This is a man who lost his essence, lost what he was, and eventually his identity.Continue reading “Losing Sense of Veracity In A Lost World: A Short Story”

The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness

The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness

The beginning of a pursuit to happiness aligns with you being you… Do what you want, say what you need and be who you are.Do your own thing and always know your worth.We all have to play the game in order to win it, so learn the lessons, read the books, get your knowledge inContinue reading “The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness”

Read Short Stories and Poetry You Might Find Yourself Relating To 🙂
Inspirational Hub: Short Stories, Creative Writing and Poetry
Expensive paper

Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper

Here is a free verse poem, An Expensive Piece of Paper. I have an expensive piece of paper. They said it’s worth it, I’ll need it. Though I’ll be paying for it… The rest of my life. Since this paper has no experience, I’ve still to find the funds for it – because even thoughContinue reading “Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper”

The Story Teller

The Story Teller

The Story Teller: A Short Story She cannot remove this feeling from her limbs, like something pulling on each sure step. There’s no clear face to read, only an outline to be traced back to a shadow of a conversation. Though they are only words, its the consistency of this joke that makes it allContinue reading “The Story Teller”


Inspirational Hub: Home Decor and Design
Check Out Some DIY Tips and Home Décor Ideas 🙂
DIY clean up after DIY decorating

Watch This If You Are Dealing With An Adhesive Nightmare!

Watch below! You must be full of creativity and projects if you’ve stumbled upon this post! Have you changed your mind on your décor that you planned to be permanent? If you used an adhesive tape that won’t come off the wall without damaging, don’t worry! Seriously, there are great products out there to dealContinue reading “Watch This If You Are Dealing With An Adhesive Nightmare!”


Inspirational Hub: We've Got The Green Thumb
Stay In Touch With Nature Inside and Outside 🙂
Spring Is Here

Spring Brings Sunshine: The First Days of Spring Are Here!

Spring is finally here and I know we all need this sunshine, warmth and sense of hope for change and renewal now, more than ever! So it’s time to soak up the sunshine and vitamin D because the flowers sure are! Here’s our first flowers of the Spring season! Outside in the garden and theContinue reading “Spring Brings Sunshine: The First Days of Spring Are Here!”

Sunshine and cuteness on a cloudy day

Sunshine and Cuteness on a Cloudy Day

Sunshine and cuteness to brighten up your day! It’s a cold and gloomy day, so let’s break it up by thinking back on the warm summer days! Obviously cats always cheer us up and their cuteness always warms us up. So here is our little Derperella rolling around in the garden with the tomatoes andContinue reading “Sunshine and Cuteness on a Cloudy Day”

winter can't stop the green thumb's work

Growing Annuals Through Winter – Show Your Plants Some TLC

Growing annuals can actually be a year round hobby, it doesn’t have to be shortened to the summer months outdoors. You just need to do a bit of work, find the right space with lots of light and show them your TLC to keep them growing! From Summer to Winter – Scroll To See MoreContinue reading “Growing Annuals Through Winter – Show Your Plants Some TLC”

Looking for fairy garden box inspiration?

Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?

Fairy Garden Box Inspiration is here! Check out the green thumb for inspiration and ideas. Getting Back to Nature – We All Need This Gardening is so good for all things; it’s good for you, it’s good for the plants, and more than anything, it relieves stress! I started my garden box outside so thatContinue reading “Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?”


Inspirational Hub: If there is nothing to hide why is there so much confusion created in revealing the truth?
Be the change you want to see - power and responsibility

Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings

Power and responsibility, what do they even mean to people anymore? Are those concepts truly understood or valued at all? I keep thinking about the immensely famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world…” and how truly ignored and undervalued it is. Do people know who they want to be orContinue reading “Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings”

Think for Yourself and Question and Analyze Things For Yourself 🙂
Holding onto yourself when navigating a changing world

Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World

Holding onto ourselves for dear life! Hello Everyone! The season is changing and it’s a chance to start fresh. Sorry it’s been a minute. We’ve been busy lately – life keeps throwing us curve balls here in Canada and we are settling in after a move to top it off. There is a lot toContinue reading “Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World”

movies that make you think

Time to Reflect: Check Out This Movie Connecting Many Dots

Time to reflect: Interested in watching a film that will get you thinking about connections? Ever heard of a film called Kymatica from 2010 by Ben Stewart? Here’s an interesting one to get you thinking about the history of time, the messages and information around us and more specifically, ourselves. And as I always sayContinue reading “Time to Reflect: Check Out This Movie Connecting Many Dots”


The Millennials Headspace Dabbles in all Interests and Trades
Inspirational Hub: Millennials Headspace; in a world always changing, I'd rather dabble in all sorts of interests, ideas, knowledge and trades than to think I should, or could only ever master one.

In a world always changing, I’d rather dabble in all sorts of interests, ideas, knowledge and trades than to think I should, or could only ever master one.


Inspirational Hub: FYI Resources
We Can Never Stop Learning and Gathering Information For Ourselves
Inspirational Hub: Think for yourself. Speak for yourself. Research for yourself. Explore for yourself. Inspire yourself. Make a life for yourself.


Inspirational Hub: The LOLz Gotta Laugh to Keep from Crying. Ha! Ha!
We All Need A Laugh Sometimes 🙂
Better Luck Next Time Bud!

Cats Have a Mini Battle! Better Luck Next Time Bud

Cats are the best part of life and Ninja cats make it that much more fun and interesting! They are so playful and funny to watch! Leo and Derperella are the best father, daughter duo around. As you can see, Derperella is certainly the winner here and Leo isn’t too happy about it. She justContinue reading “Cats Have a Mini Battle! Better Luck Next Time Bud”

Listen, Leo has a PSA for you guys! Know your worth.

Leo Makes A PSA: “Sorry, But They Do NOT Care”

Leo is here to make a Public Service Announcement to everyone. In these hard times no one seems to be listening, but hey, we keep on trying! He is issuing a reminder to everyone to really take heed of: Don’t worry though everyone – like he says, just start somewhere; now is the time toContinue reading “Leo Makes A PSA: “Sorry, But They Do NOT Care””

But I want to DIY my way!

Watch A Cute Cat DIY Her Way

Watch little Miss Sass in her DIY element. She likes to show me her version of DIY on my old projects sometimes – destroy it yourself! It’s hard to be mad when she is this cute destroying stuff! This is an old project of mine that has served it’s [decorating] time well, so I’m okayContinue reading “Watch A Cute Cat DIY Her Way”


Inspirational Hub: 20/20 Hindsight Getting Pretty Serious About Everything Here. Read All About It!
With 20/20 Hindsight, Lets Stop History Repeating Itself 🙂

Gerontocracy: Under This Ruling Everyone Suffers In The End

Gerontocracy, have you ever heard of this term? Do you see your peers in power making common sense decisions or your grandmothers and grandfathers age group having fun taking their cake? Are you recognizing the increasing age of those holding and gaining power? Do they seem to be out of touch? The price of everythingContinue reading “Gerontocracy: Under This Ruling Everyone Suffers In The End”

Propaganda Media Brainwashing

Media: Who’s Version of the News Do You Read or See?

Media is not relaying information to you honestly. It defines what you should know according to them based on the desires of Government, Corporations and the Elites that run them. This way you are only understanding and using the information they give to you, how they want you to. Do you know what you thinkContinue reading “Media: Who’s Version of the News Do You Read or See?”

Independent Millennial: PSA! Your government and corporations do not care about you. Only their profits.

Poverty and Globalization: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Poverty is an issue experienced around the globe, whether it is in developed, developing or under-developed countries. That is what determines the type of poverty endured, making it either relative or absolute. Growing disparities continue within communities across the globe, while people are also bombarded by this reality in a socially constructed way to remindContinue reading “Poverty and Globalization: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

World Economic Forum: Corruption of Leaders and Government

World Economic Forum (WEF) has been leading the way since the 70s, but we didn’t realize how deep their infiltration was. The Canadian Government and many Western countries are completely taken over by them and it’s all coming to light, so I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now. It is an important time forContinue reading “World Economic Forum: Corruption of Leaders and Government”

Inspirational Hub: Think for yourself. Speak for yourself. Say no because I need to. Walk away when I want to. Let go when I have to. Stand strong because it's time to.
Inspirational Hub: Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Wall of Clocks


Inspirational Hub: Promoting The Future
Wealth Has So Much More To Do With Just Making Money 🙂
bitcoin, ethereum, doge and shiba crypto logos

Crypto: Don’t Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding

Crypto is precarious, but don’t be afraid when buying or holding. Keep it small and manageable so you don’t risk your whole life on it. Have you been dabbling in the crypto world and are noticing you’ve been sweating more often? Don’t panic, just hold and go shopping in the sale to bring your averageContinue reading “Crypto: Don’t Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding”

Crypto Currency Time for Shib

Crypto: Time For Some SHIB

Crypto is here to stay so I bought some SHIB tonight! For those who know, already know, and for those who want to find out, it’s time to check out cryptocurrencies! This is Not Advice. Many of us have been following the lovely ups and downs of the crypto world with high hopes for ourContinue reading “Crypto: Time For Some SHIB”

Take A Break With Our Cats 🙂
Inspirational Hub: Sassy-Soo, Mr. Leo and Derperella, our mom, dad and daughter family of Flamepoint Siamese cats.
“Hey, Psssst, Tell Your Cats We Said Hey ;)”
The Millennial Cats
Watch cute cats play

Watch Cute Cats Play: The Leo and Derp Chronicles

Time for a little break from the work and seriousness! Watch Leo and Derperella, the playful father and daughter duo! These two are so funny together. He is such a good dad and she’s such a playful girl, but he’s not always willing to get on her level. So even when he is being thisContinue reading “Watch Cute Cats Play: The Leo and Derp Chronicles”

Ninja Cat to Brighten the Day

Hey! Watch Ninja Cat to Brighten Your Day

Watch Ninja Cat to Brighten Your Day! Like every Husband and Wife, they have their stand-offs where HE OFTEN believes he is the ultimate Ninja… 😂 Sass & Leo, Our Husband and Wife Kitty Children☺ There’s always something funny to watch or to make us laugh and to lighten our mood… and cats are alwaysContinue reading “Hey! Watch Ninja Cat to Brighten Your Day”

I hope that when you are exploring here, you can know there are more people out there, thinking and feeling like you too. This is for sharing ideas, thoughts, research, information, design and some fun and beauty to inspire you to do things in your own kinds of ways for yourself as well.

Inspirational Hub: Red maple leaf

We cannot re-write history again and again and expect to learn or to do better. We must teach, learn and remember all sides of every story in order to better understand and determine the best solutions. Questions must be asked in order to know where we truly stand so that we can do for ourselves, independently first.

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