Crypto: Don’t Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding

Independent Millennial, Crypto: Don’t Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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Crypto is precarious, but don’t be afraid when buying or holding. Keep it small and manageable so you don’t risk your whole life on it. Have you been dabbling in the crypto world and are noticing you’ve been sweating more often? Don’t panic, just hold and go shopping in the sale to bring your average costs down!

This is Not Advice

For my returning guests, you know I do a bit of dabbling in Stocks and Crypto and like to share my thoughts with you, but I am by no means an expert or here giving anyone actual advice. I just want to be a voice within it all reminding you it’s okay to take small chances when trying something new. While also highlighting that it is vitally important to do your own research and make sure to follow your own instincts according to your own situation.

In Crypto, I’m holding a bit of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Basic Attention Token, and Shiba Inu. If you’re new here, I hope you’re feeling okay on your journey and welcome you to keep on reading.

So… Crypto is Crashing!?

I know, I get it. Everything is a mess right now and there appears to be a serious work around the truth and transparency. Do not be overwhelmed by the madness and manipulation because we can and will prevail through it. Start paying attention more closely and looking at things through a critical lens so that you can see the truth of opposites and hypocrites to draw your own conclusions.

OMG! What has happened to the investing world you ask!? Well, mass manipulation, fear mongering and thus, mass panic selling of course. What else can we expect at this stage of the game when we really do our 20/20 hindsight check? Still, don’t panic or feel lost or a failure, use this opportunity to see more clearly and start a new!

So here you go everyone who bought high and sold low in a panic over the years, thinking that you sold on the last high or lost your chance to buy low again since… another dip is here and you can now go shopping at a low, rather than a high! This is the reality of the market because of humans and their nature, so we need to realize this and stop panicking and following the crowd because of FOMO and keep going towards our own goals.

This is how new things come to life, usually critiqued as emerging from the protection of the tin foil hat and outlandish ideas that haven’t been tried yet, labeled as conspiracy theories thought up by crazy people. Yet, those ideas always become the future, so who actually cares what people think? Why should we? All we have to do is give something a little more time to becomes an accepted trend and eventually a common norm within society.

No Matter What the Criticisms or Fears Are Right Now – Crypto Is Here To Stay, So Pay Attention

Look, we are humans… so we are kind of fickle and tend to follow the crowd. This last while has proven once again that with time and propaganda everything changes and can eventually be normalized.

So with that, a need for a decentralized world with creativity, intrigue and freedom was realized and is now growing. But it’s new and it’s scary and so everyone wants to know everything about it. In true human fashion though, we don’t give it time or try to explore with curiosity and wonder, we try to control and to assume and monopolize for the few.

So let’s not do that anymore? We literally do not have to do horrible things or curate a society that needs bubble wrap on corners because it’s difficult to turn sharp corners. Let’s build some strength and unity in being curious and unafraid using common sense to be reserved when it’s warranted.

So we’re into crypto and here it is crashing in extremes, how annoying right?

It’s supposed to be new and better than the old ways.

Keep in mind, there is A LOT to clean up from the past; compounded, generational social and monetary issues, and people not changing their ways. Corruption tied to trying to apply old habits to a new system and made up policies to serve certain groups. This has resulted in complaining that it’s not really working to be better and we are finding “experts” and “influencers” being cryptic, making a joke of the opportunity it could – or perhaps should – be for everyone.

Here’s the great thing about consciousness, we can think through everything and not just follow blindly. We can actually choose to try something new and different and go it alone. We can actually get in touch with our human needs and feed them so that we do not become parasites to the earth. We actually have the capacity to live well, free and in harmony, if we take care of and take responsibility for ourselves first.

It’s not going to be better unless we really go for the change to be better and make things better, so let’s do it.

So Where Are the Prices Sitting Now?

Independent Millennial, Crypto: Don't Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding Crypto: Jan 24 2022 BTC price - $43,214.78, DOGE price - $0.1662, ETH price - $2,868.65, and SHIB price - $0.00002497 - prices in Canadian dollars. Image by Sensitive Betch.
Prices shown today in Canadian $ Jan. 24 2022 on Wealth Simple

The answer to everything is moderation, it’s not that complicated really. Humans though right… extremes are so constant. So let’s look at things from that perspective; do not exist within extremes.

Do not panic with these drops, but also do not put yourself in a position that you lose everything every time they issue a test. This is change. This is the change we have to endure right now. The reason it is different is because of people holding. It’s to hold towards making things different and doing so until the norms change and others see it is due time. We have to do it together. It isn’t going to be easy but it is going to be done. Together. So we buy when it’s low like this and do not panic. We hold so to show those who are trying to manipulate and take advantage that their time in doing so is over and we see them and are here to win their game to end it.

*Reminder That This Is Not Advice*

We are so over the games that aren’t fun and just exhausting, people want to live their lives. The way to do so is with a decentralized world that respects that independence and emboldens it. No one should have a monopoly on our lives or decisions and we can go forward with a society that reflects that, if we push that it is necessary.

If “they” are saying panic and run, just hang on for a second, look deeper and ask why? Do a little experiment for yourself and start doing, thinking or saying the opposite that you see the mainstream media proposing to be the truth and (in my opinion) you will start to notice a much clearer path to follow for yourself.

“They” do have to inform you, they just aren’t obligated to do so clearly, fairly or in a way that makes sense to you. They want you confused and unsure, so work within it and against that idea. That’s the point of the human mind, it exists to think and to figure out obstacles and problems so to over come them and succeed.

Pay Attention Now Through the Transitions. There Is a Shift, There Is a Desire By The People to Have Peace and to Have Space to be Free.

Be your own person and design your own life using the opportunities that do exist around you, if you choose to see and use them. There is a need for a decentralized world and it is coming. “They” want to continue their monopoly of power, influence and freedoms. But it is yours too. This world is for everyone to share, but it takes constant work to realize and maintain that.

If “they” are trying to panic you with fear and uncertainty, meet that with curiosity and courage to want to know more. Information is powerful, knowledge is powerful, your desire to know for yourself is powerful.

You know your life, your means and your limits, so exist within them. A stranger doesn’t know you and so cannot dictate to you in how to live your life, you live your life and face the consequences of your decisions, so choose for you.

Invest in yourself and your family and in what wants to be truthful.

When it comes to influencers and experts that tell you they know better and have the answers but are cryptic in their delivery so to maintain their standing as the all knowing experts… steer clear of them… they are con artists. Do your own due diligence, dabble and explore. Do your own experiments to test what the truth is for you.

We all know the banks and it’s system, we all know things need to change. So pay attention and be a part of ensuring that what needs to change, starts changing now. Invest in a prosperous future for the human being that you are and how you need to design a life to take care of that fact.

I myself invested another $100 Canadian and bought more Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Shiba-Inu.

And here are some words of encouragement that my dad shared with me today and I want to share with you:

It’s time to shake things up and fly. I think it’s time to buy if you can, and to let your instincts and the universe guide you.

This Post Is Not Advice

Think for yourself, take care of yourself and good luck to you!

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