World Economic Forum: Corruption of Leaders and Government

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World Economic Forum (WEF) has been leading the way since the 70s, but we didn’t realize how deep their infiltration was. The Canadian Government and many Western countries are completely governed by them and it’s all coming to light, so I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now.

It is an important time for information and the truth. It is an even more crucial time to be willing to pursue information and want the truth and all that comes with it. We exist in a very interesting time right now as we watch the veil of lies come down and people wake up. Those in government in particular – who have been trying to keep the farce going – are now finding more and more difficulty in keeping up with and hiding behind their lies.

Don’t be afraid; all the nonsensical things you’ve been struggling with that have never made sense are likely to be found out soon.

As we recognize the surmounting layers of corruption and manipulation across the board in this long end game, we must now endure the consistent difficulty in dealing with and understanding everything as a lie that we were told. This delivery method has been part and parcel to all we know and all we think we know when it comes to information, government, work, finances, banks, supply chains, and even personal and family dynamics. So while we can recognize the web in one instance we must be willing to acknowledge it is also possible and likely to exist almost everywhere else because it is all connected.

Do We Know What We Think We Know?

When something has been presented to you, is it often presented as information for you to think about and analyze? Or does it tend to be presented to you in a neat little package of what to think and how to think about it? Are such things automatically consumed as fact more often? Why do you think that is? Why do you believe there are specific ideas constantly pushed or chosen to train people to know, reinforce or perpetuate?

Ask yourself; what is the reason behind mass education if it does not actually provide consistency in data and information, is not openly accessible and is dependent on certain factors and funding?

What is the ‘point’ of learning? What is the ‘point’ of having a brain and it being capable of thinking, analyzing and reacting to subconscious threats? That is what the human brain is for, isn’t it? It is to learn, to grow, to change, to help you to survive and to thrive as an individual amongst the group. To think and to learn to finesse skills that allow for surviving and thriving, while knowing it must also be feeding the body and brain with nutrition to support it. So why are there so many distractions from realizing this path?

To empower such individual thought and abilities would mean a desire to empowering individuals to be free to be themselves. It would mean normalizing respect towards the individual and their privacy to be themselves without feeling a need to control how they exist or express themselves. This would create nations filled with realized individuals and families who could take care of themselves as independents from the state and others. This would actually mean freedom.

Is that truly our reality or anywhere close to the norms we live in though? No, it isn’t, and why do you think that might be?

It’s a wonder we’ve not been striving towards this empowered end and have always instead been pushed towards fitting in and adjusting to specifically acceptable ideas, beliefs, norms or people determined by specific groups that claim power. All under the guise of mass inclusivity policies that actually choose specific groups over others. Free thought and action doesn’t allow for a monopoly of wealth for the few and harmony allows people to think straight. Stuff like that allows people to be responsible and accountable to themselves and for themselves and their desires and survival. It provides a potential culture and environment that allows for confidence, security and an equal playing field where people might say no. That means less ability to control others under those circumstances. Scary for the elites.

So Why Has The Priority Been For Us To Exist Based On What We Are Told?

Free thinking and acting people are not easily managed or controlled and thus, can present as difficult to those who like to control others. It makes sense then to recognize the best means for control over people is to go after that aspect of the self and take control of one’s ability to think and thus act for oneself. To go further and undermine their desire to even want to think and do for themselves is the guaranteed way to take control. That’s the precursor to our current global reality: an institutional and cultural undermining of our own desires as individual human beings.

So why do human beings want to control? Why do they desire more than they need? Why do they distract themselves from what they need with what they want? Knowing this human weakness and wanting to exploit it, the tyrannical among us realize it is easier to control one than it is to control ten. Thus, the best means for mass control to be accomplished is to influence everyone’s thinking, acting, desires and choices into one psychosis.

Based on this, should we have perhaps been paying more attention to the effects of the brain choosing for itself versus doing what it’s told over time? Perhaps we should have also been paying better attention and acting upon the issues that weren’t making sense but we were going along with anyways. Perhaps it is now time to rethink all that you told to those younger than you because of what you were told. With this in mind, it’s not going to be easy as everyone wakes up, but it is going to be worth it.

What Has The Human Being’s Purpose Become in it’s Modern Image?

Through government, we see the politicians and bureaucrats assert themselves this way over people as modern government systems are manipulated and infiltrated to exert this control. Rather than the need for governance over large groups to remain based on protection of rights – so that people can focus on other things as we advance and evolve – everything is torn apart and politicized to divide people based on differences that incite confusion to distract from the truth.

Government systems created sides so that politicians, bureaucrats and others can reign supreme on their side of the political spectrum and divide and conquer people through identity politics and virtue signaling. This group thinking sucks them into their elite belief that they can slowly float above others they label as “incapable” or “workers.” They believe people are incapable of understanding or taking care of their own needs and thus, require a ruling class to do so. However, we see the truth to their ways now in communism: they make decisions to our detriment, we endure and pay the costs all the while thanking them for taking care of us. The brainwashing is deep.

So how exactly is this happening so consistently across the board through all means of government power and assistance? A global effort to use government systems and programs to rule through identity politics to assert control over people and their assets. Providing the self determined elites a consistent and controllable ownership over us. Rather than us working for our own purpose, survival and life, we work within a monetary and belief system that they designed so that we exist, work, and give them our wages and gratitude. They created a system to make them wealthy off the backs of the citizens and plan to continue benefiting from the means of production while doing less, and we pay the costs to endure. Through this, they also get to determine who is useful and how people are useful to our (their) societies or not.

Yes, The System Is Designed To Ensure an Us Versus Them Dynamic, With a Sprinkle of Guilt.

Ever notice the guilt carried by the average person for things well outside of their control? Ever notice that we as consumers have always been blamed for how things are being produced and recycled while we have no control over the decisions huge corporations are making? Is it usually some celebrity or politician that attacks you when you speak your opinion? Or is it usually someone close to you or a passing stranger? Guilt is their tactic. Undermining our relationships is their game. This way, we fulfill the prophesies ourselves.

All aspects that we endure are part of their bureaucratic, political program, using subjective issues and guilt to infiltrate everything on the micro and macro level, socially, politically and economically. The governments’ of politicians have always been playing games, growing and escalating in their want for control, propped up by their own supporters as they join together in their own elite group of Globalists. The reality is that everything we endure is deeply rooted and layered and will never be solved by playing into these same games or without recognizing what has been happening.

The choosing of sides is a game to distract and divide citizens in different countries into convincing them that some deserve more than others because of what they believe or agree with. They made sure to work hard on this over the last while as they rewrote history and globalized issues and people. Eventually people started creating problems and forgetting about history and national, economic, political or cultural norms. Identity politics is what they use as their best means to undermine the self, national identity and to divide and conquer us all, invading borders and people.

Do You Feel Like You Can Be You and Express Yourself?

We are all individuals – living different lives – yet as a whole, it is generally believed and enforced that all people should live and abide by the same specific beliefs, wants, desires and norms inside and outside the home. Isn’t that strange? Well it isn’t coincidental, it is very on purpose. So much so that the catalyst is out and about proudly congratulating all of his students and their great efforts in imagining his reset.

Who and What is WEF, The World Economic Forum?

So who is this? Well, it is Klaus Schwab. He started the World Economic Forum with this specific goal in mind. It was originally a not-for-profit foundation named the European Management Forum but then after different political events, eventually they shifted their desires to world domination in 1989 and changed the name to the World Economic Forum.

Independent Millennial, World Economic Forum: Corruption of Leaders and Government: Klaus Schwab (age 33) opens the inaugural European Management Forum in Davos in 1971.

So in his 30s he could start a global enterprise for taking control, but today, Millennials in their 30s are still deemed too immature to handle their own power or ownership? Right. Pay attention to this hypocritical reality of history and power that we’ve endured. The World Economic Forum is behind the implementation of all we have known, can know, or think we know and it started back in 1971 by Klaus. A 33 year old building upon the desires of the elites, as they historically identified themselves as the leaders necessary to shaping our lives and in choosing who is deserving or not.

Here is their Mission Statement:

Independent Millennial, World Economic Forum: Corruption of Leaders and Government: The World Economic Forum, The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation...
I took that screenshot from their website here and I would recommend reading the other headings to get a more in depth intro into this web.

So I want to highlight the hypocrisy from the get go. They are claiming to be impartial while proposing themselves as the leaders for determining all methods and partnerships for all public and private unions. WEF’s baseline is cooperation, meaning that it’s goals are to ensure mass compliance from all people, governments, institutions and businesses. To exist in order to ensure that the public and private sectors blend together and become principled based on WEF beliefs, is certainly a special interest. They are definitely not impartial to the outcomes since they cancel or use propaganda to get their way, infiltrating media, television, movies and academia.

If he says, “there will be anger,” you say. “nope!” They want us angry and they want us tearing each other down closest to home. So we cannot let them. When they want hate and anger, we need to navigate our way through love and kindness towards each other instead. It really is true that we have to literally choose peace instead of war.

He speaks of the “grey economy,” that was a new one for me so I looked it up to find that it refers to an informal economy that can be characterized as troublesome and existing in large portions in developing countries that aren’t monitored or taxed by government. In the video he refers to this group not even being counted as having lost their jobs based on not technically existing as taxed citizens, I suppose? So I’m wondering if he is referring to people working for cash, criminals at large, or perhaps people like him who incite such things in nations.

Honestly, he outlines everything that has and is happening and that it is part of the plan. Reflecting on all of this, it is not hard to believe that the actions made over the last years and through the social welfare system here in Canada were implemented as they were and are. We have consistently seen the government implement illogical decisions and hiding information these last 2 years. Giving money away, taking money away, saying they care and hiding the harms. Psychological warfare. Yes it is orchestrated together and we really need to start paying attention and saying no.

Their plan to implement the great reset and create the world they imagine is through programs they have implemented socially, politically and economically to ensure its delivery and permanence. This is realized through their many partners across the globe. The partners however are very surprising, but then not at all as we realize they would of course be infiltrating all aspects of the social and economic sectors, education systems, technology, business, government. It is very important for those of us here in Canada to realize that Canada is heavily infiltrated and is very likely ground zero for much of their plan delivery as we are experiencing and being told. And I will have more on that in posts to come!

It literally has specific Partners tied to these special interests. So I want to share with you the list of partners that the WEF work with because well… it’s touches every single sector across the globe and Canada is completely compromised. This country has not and does not exist for us citizens. So check out below screenshots from their website listing all Partners alphabetically or check it out here:

Looking at this list, I wish for Canadians to pay attention to the Canadian listings, like the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and what that means. Reflecting on history and these past decades and all that has been happening, the global web is so clear to see and the global actors have been playing their role to our demise. As the current government continues to bombard you with specific plans for your housing, jobs, healthcare, child care, and beyond, we can now see why and where these specific plans, money and programming is coming from. We can see how the divide has grown creating an us versus them reality across the globe as the elites set themselves at the top. We have WEF programs delivering our options for jobs, finances, in our banks, media, education system, infrastructure, courts and governments and them telling us how to feel and deal with it.

They identify their ideal means for running government through entrepreneurship – which means the creation or extraction of value. It’s interesting that while the citizen continues to be bound by red tape to do anything, governments, organizations and corporations are being given more rights, freedoms and access to profits. Yes, that’s globalization. It pretends to help you while it actually exists for corporations, privatization and theft. The implementation for WEF to ultimately and fully blend the public and private worlds, shifting from public to private funds and entities within the public sector proves they are very determined and we shouldn’t be so confused and suffering if it were actually to our advantage.

They decide what the values are based on the profits they are making. They dictate how they believe it can be returned and what our values are to be as individuals because we need to blend with the group beneath them. How clever of them to be so open ended with this that they can claim that their priorities are values, but who’s values and to what end? This is where you see governments choosing specific areas of focus, handing out contracts to specific industries for massive plans with no specific sources for funding, and having meetings with individuals like Bill Gates as we have had here in Canada.

Within their mission statement itself they are manipulating and misrepresenting the presence of their intensions and connections with power: they are claiming to be impartial and not tied to any special interests while literally designing a global system of programs to ensure their specially interested vision is realized whether you like it or not. A serious level of manipulation and belief in themselves that they are truly the one’s who know and can do better for the rest of us. While taking a serious toll on us and treating us as if we’re the collateral damage to the greater good. That is what they have decided.

For comparison since 1971, here is the original MEF manifesto signed in 1973, I pasted it from the site:

  • A. The purpose of professional management is to serve clients, shareholders, workers and employees, as well as societies, and to harmonize the different interests of the stakeholders.
  • B. 1. The management has to serve its clients. It has to satisfy its clients’ needs and give them the best value. Competition among companies is the usual and accepted way of ensuring that clients receive the best value choice. The management’s aim is to translate new ideas and technological progress into commercial products and services.
  • 2. The management has to serve its investors by providing a return on its investments, higher than the return on government bonds. This higher return is necessary to integrate a risk premium into capital costs. The management is the shareholders’ trustee.
  • 3. The management has to serve its employees because in a free society leadership must integrate the interests of those who are led. In particular, the management has to ensure the continuity of employees, the improvement of real income and the humanization of the work place.
  • 4. The management has to serve society. It must assume the role of a trustee of the material universe for future generations. It has to use the immaterial and material resources at its disposal in an optimal way. It has to continuously expand the frontiers of knowledge in management and technology. It has to guarantee that its enterprise pays appropriate taxes to the community in order to allow the community to fulfil its objectives. The management also has to make its own knowledge and experience available to the community.
  • C. The management can achieve the above objectives through the economic enterprise for which it is responsible. For this reason, it is important to ensure the long-term existence of the enterprise. The long-term existence cannot be ensured without sufficient profitability. Thus, profitability is the necessary means to enable the management to serve its clients, shareholders, employees and society.

I would like to highlight that he literally implemented the MEF to prioritize making a return on investments for organizations and corporations so that they could all gain profits, power and influence over these decades over us. You can basically skip to the end and read it as blah, blah, blah, we need money to realize this end and making a profit is the ultimate priority over everything else in order to gain the wealth we need to fulfill the mission. We know. So now that they have accumulated their wealth through this system and plan they now have enough to topple governments and finalize their plan and control.

They used the terms workers and employees and I wonder what way they want to define the difference? Well it depends on the person right? We regular citizens paying taxes and losing jobs are the workers, while those elites who know better than us are the employees doing the right thing for everyone else. Why refer to every part so specifically though? Well that’s globalists for you, we all fit into our boxes. They manipulated absolutely everything to gain a monopoly of wealth so that they can gain a monopoly over our lives through access to extreme wealth.

We should be very aware of their stance as an independent organization because they are standing over the governments we vote in, paying the way into power. Telling them that the WEF programs are the means to govern and thus have always been implemented. Bureaucrats working behind the scenes while the politicians are the puppets. This is all done under the false guise of democracy as people falsely believe they have choice and are voting for someone who is going to represent them when in fact, the processes and players are already long in place and the democratic process we believe in is the sham.

Check out Russell Brand talking about their Davos Meetings below:

Many don’t realize that we ourselves are perpetuating the dreams of the elites in WEF through the immense brainwashing they’ve instilled for decades. Literally everything you think you know, believe in, had to do, every norm that you believed had to be, “because that’s the way it is,” is because that isn’t the way it is, that’s the way it’s been made to be. Education, marriage, relationships, sexuality, personal choice, debating who and how each concept must be lived. Throwing the actual experiences being lived by people aside, rather than realizing that any of these items are the true purpose with people that matter to your life.

Let’s Break the Cycle by Starting With Us and Realizing Our Power For Ourselves

Strangers telling you what you think and care about as the people in your own life ignore the realities you face, making sure to find a difference to fight about as it is dictated by the public sphere. They have invaded homes with the public persona. Should a different side of the political spectrum actually determine whether a person should have clothing, water, food, shelter or comfort? Why are we debating that any political side even have a right to dictate such things based on subjective beliefs? Or that they believe they are doing something different by making sure that all the items that effect all people publicly and on an objective similarity as human beings who require food, water, shelter, clothing so that they do not die, actually always be determined subjectively so to ensure that some people get everything while others get nothing. The truth of it is that we need to be minding our own business in our own lives, taking care of ourselves, families and relationships, finding strength standing together and free to do for ourselves.

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