When Reading The News, Sift Through It Critically

Independent Millennial, When Reading The News, Sift Through It Critically Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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When it comes to the news, it’s best to stand within the perspective to always be questioning.
So make sure you sift through the news critically…

Just having a think about this…

A lot of the “news” that we see and hear being broadcasted on an almost consistent schedule – coming from many of the same types of sources – are actually a series of commercials selling you on specific ideas and beliefs. You see the same few headlines crossing your path over and over, right? Do you really believe that one event, size, box, situation, solution, idea, belief or norm really effects/affects everyone the same? Are they really going to work for or apply to every single person or situation the same way? The last couple of years can act as proof that the answer is no. However, evidence would show that a ton of people like to take power and control and thus push that the answer is yes.

What happens when people who think in such ways are in positions that allow them to access individuals? Whether people choose it or not – invading every aspect of the individual’s life on a consistent basis through audio, video, the environment, the economy and/or socially and politically.

What do you think that would mean long term? More than that, what do you think happens when people are raised to accept this without question and to live their lives according to what is being told to them by the masses? How are those people dealing with things that are unique within their own lives? Wait – are they even taking care of their own issues in their own lives at all? Well here now lies the crux of it all.

Do you know parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grand parents, different friends or relatives who have changed their opinions based on certain things like: weed, school, vaccines, types of work and technology, etc.? Did you notice the timeline with their changing opinion? Was it based on their own personal experience and journey through time? Or did it suddenly pop out of no where and expand as media focused in on those issues and people in workplaces and government started changing laws, policies and norms?

A Geriatric Media Perpetuates the Same Propaganda Norms These Last 100 Years

Do you notice a lot of people glued to their screens while talking down about kids and their attachment to technology? Or harassing kids and young adults for being in debt while denying that they all pushed this norm? Do those same people then debate about the things they ‘certainly know’ because they saw it on TV? Perhaps you have noticed their trying to push solutions that are out of date and out of touch? Did everyone close to you ignore your experiences, opinions, research and lifestyle until the “government experts in media” weighed in? It seems people are in denial and are generally unwilling to reflect on their own thoughts or actions at all. Their personal reality and responsibilities only exist as far the media is telling them and the events they experience are whatever the “news” tells them.

While media works conveniently to broadcast a message, idea or information. Do you think it really makes sense that you would get all of your important information that pertains to you individually by these means? Do you have your own medical history or do you share it with a bunch of people? Is your experience growing up the exact same as every individual that grew up around you? Did people end up different and with different beliefs and ways of doing things? Weird for that to happen if we can be told our truth by someone else and are all supposed to be the exact same, fitting into one box… So why in the world is this mentality forced to dictate our personal choices? Rather than choosing based on our own capabilities and needs?

Common sense would say that you take what you are told with a grain of salt. When you hear about something happening else where, that means it is elsewhere and thus not applicable to you. However that’s not really the way the mentality exists is it? More often than not people are living their lives based on what they are being told is happening or happening somewhere else. No matter what exists in our own head, house, community, country or that we see with our own eyes, we apply this anxiety and knowledge of something that is happening elsewhere to mean that it is the reality where we are through repetition. Giving reason to be stressed about that while simultaneously undermining our own presence in our current and constant personal situations.

Once Things Are Broken Down, It’s Really Easy To See Why They Broke

We failed to encourage any level of independence or capacity to reflect and deal with our own issues within our own yards first and by ourselves. We turn to the external forces of the community for assistance over ourselves or those immediate to us and developed a society of communities that will handle everything and give the answers. From this perspective you can imagine how we became such a government led society of broken families and people.

When someone needs help they no longer turn to their own families. People have to turn to some stranger that holds a badge, wears a uniform and signed a contract that told them they are an expert on their life and we all just went from there. The worst part is that most people do so because they can and not actually because they should. Now we run a society of experts that dictate the lives and roles of everyone else, while simultaneously having multiple generations of people recognize this or not and act accordingly. We are an absolute mess. What is so scary about admitting that?

Independent Millennial, When Reading The News, Sift Through It Critically Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

How are people handling issues on a case by case basis? Or is that why so many people blindly follow and do the bidding of others? Creating massive consequences for themselves and others but still not being held responsible or accountable. Is this the point? If people never form the capacity to think for themselves, question what is happening or see patterns and consistencies, they can’t be accountable, right? No, we should never lead like this.

How Does Contributing to a Community That Chooses Certain Groups to Help, Help Anybody?

Why does one accept that there are specific sides to take from government actors and random strangers that claim power based on their beliefs or position? Is it a survival instinct? Are they scared? Scared of what? To think differently from someone else and express that – why are people in danger for doing that?

If we’re under a constant threat for thinking and acting for ourselves so that we do not rely on or affect others, are we actually free? Are we free if the people in power want to harass us with their own ideas rather than be a transparent entity for accessing information that we need when we need it? Why would someone have a problem with each person having the capacity and the means to research, think, write, plan, act, and live for their own personal survival and prosperity?

The concept of obedience and doing what you are told without asking questions does not come from the mentality of a loving parent guiding their child to be independent within the world. That totalitarian ordering without reason or answers stems from the state and desire for control. Infiltrating parenting and society so that new generations will be good servants who follow orders from anyone in power or uniform. That’s why parenting has broken down, they passed the buck of responsibilities and lost control of everything.

Something’s Gotta Give; Things Have Got To Change

Now is the time to start living your own life without so much gloom, anxiety and coercion. You can find yourself, more easily think and choose for yourself, all the while building your ability to critically think about everything. Ultimately sifting through everything that is bombarding you externally, that much better.

We should always keep in mind and wonder, why? With all that goes on around the world, every moment of every single day – how can the same few conflicts, ideas, controversies, beliefs, political moves, crimes, people, and/or social issues, etc. exist singularly, and pretty consistently across the board? Repeating the same concepts and ideals over, and over and over – in slightly different ways – to ensure the message has impact and gets to everyone in a way that can effect them.

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