What Is This Perception of Perfection We Are Striving For?

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What are we all really striving for? The word perfection has such an affect on people, and is often dependent on who’s vision of it is trying to be realized. It can have a negative impact on growth and carry on into adulthood when people strive to accomplish what they believe they are supposed to. Perfection is a difficult concept because it can label and box people in particular ways, so they fit a certain mold. When they don’t feel they are able to make the cut they fear facing judgement or rejection instead.

Why Do We Create This Pressure for Ourselves?

This is a concept that affects people differently and varies in perspectives, yet continues to exist as an idealized state to strive for. When we are striving for this perfection, we are always looking to or surrounded by inspirations for such a state and try to replicate it. Unfortunately, trying to be someone else or live someone else’s life doesn’t really work and leaves a person striving without fulfilment.

Independent Millennial, What Is This Perception of Perfection We Are Striving For Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

If only the concept of perfection could be redefined to mean that we strive for our own version of perfect; being ourselves. Being inspired by the people and things that surround us to be supported and encouraged to work hard for ourselves. Inspiration is so powerful and we really do not realize how many ways people are being inspired towards the negative parts of themselves. We really need to refocus ourselves towards the positive parts instead.

Find Inspiration Within You

Inspiration is a kind of optimistic influence and to inspire is a sort of compelling energy. It is quite a powerful thing, and much like an awakening of the mind; inspiration is a spark that ignites activity and change. It is the predisposition of inspiration that allows words and visions to have such an effect on us.

We have instilled a power within words so that a single word or phrase can help us up, move us forward or bring us down. To inspire an idea, a feeling or a new perspective is valuable to the progression of thought processes and material objects. Creating a movement within a person impacts on the paths they take in their lives. It allows them to create new avenues for evolvement, whether that be positive or negative.

What’s In a Word?

The word “perfect,” in this day and age has become a tangible necessity for people. The power that has been given to the word “perfect” has had a very negative effect, especially on the self esteem of people. They have been deluded as to what perfection should be. With a positive mind frame, one could be inspired to interpret perfection as something they see from their own mind and encourage others to do the same.

In order for all people to really appreciate and see things from other perspectives, it must be understood that the unique differences among us need to exist. Denying this only creates a growing separation that pulls us apart. Rather than using negative words to break someone down, positive reinforcement should be used to raise them up. We need to be constructive when guiding ourselves and others, not driven to destroy one another.

Sometimes it seems words that are thrown at us get us lost within a trap of our own minds’, though in this life we are affected by what we allow and the mind set that is carved will echo our daily life. Since each person is different, there cannot be one general image of what perfection is for a person. We need to recognize that it is ourselves alone who hurt when we allow irrelevant, negative details and simple words to take us down. It is a decision within the mind, to allow things to sink in and cause pain, or to let it roll off your back and have no effect.

Make a Life That’s Your Own Vision

In reality, what is perfect? There isn’t one such thing. Technically no one person is perfect and no one thing is perfect. We are all different, so something that is essentially perfect to one person, may not be to another. Again defeating the argument that there is one version of perfection. The idea of “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” comes into play. It’s the fact that we all have contrasting images of our own perfection that makes us different, opens our minds’ and helps us to progress.

We make mistakes along our paths, learning from the mistakes and becoming wiser and more prominent. In our world there is a type of beauty – whether that be looks or a way of speaking – that is known as perfection, but real beauty is a person’s quirks and characteristics that make them unique. And so instead of believing in a generic idea of what “perfect” means, understand that your unique way of life is perfect and your unique style is your perfection to make. 

Hard decisions have to be made when you have a self identity and take a stand within yourself and for yourself. Those who know themselves and fight to be unique must dig their heels in to stand strong. It’s important to remember to see your own version of moving forward for your future.

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