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This modern day era exists based upon the idea that we do something because we can rather than considering if we really should.

Independent Millennial, This Is For You Canada, If There Is Nothing To Hide Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: If there is nothing to hide? Why is there so much confusion created in revealing the truth?

When the norm has become doing what you have to out of fear of losing everything, it’s time to consider what direction we are actually going. Reflecting on why we are doing things and what happens whether we choose to go forward or not based on our choosing is important.

It may be the case that we aren’t really considering the implications of that long term and are in fact living according to coersion and the needs of others. But who’s needs and to what end? Maybe it’s time to reflect on that and how you are feeling as you are living your life and making decisions. Are they your decisons? Or forced decisons?

Your fears have no place here. So put them aside with silence, step forward with courage and enter with bravery, to speak only truth.

Sensitive Betch
Independent Millennial, This Is For You Canada, Canadian Maple Leaf in Winter Photo by Sensitive Betch: red maple leaf on the winter ground.

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