We Can’t Have It Both Ways

Independent Millennial, We Can’t Have It Both Ways Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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We are walking a hypocrytical line when we say we believe in focusing on family and care for ourselves first, then rely on government mandates and programs to think, act and survive. We cannot complain about the life created under the controlled care directives of government officials and then give up all our efforts and choice to their choosing and design. We have to create the life we want for ourselves and be reliant upon ourselves individually first, then we can build together.

We cannot give up our freedoms and jump in the box, then be shocked that it’s dark and stuffy.  We have to break the system. We have to remove our family members and ourselves from the system and bring it back home. We need to bring ourselves back into our own care, and take care of ourselves and families first. That will expand and reflect on communities as well. 

Independent Millennial, We Can’t Have It Both Ways Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

Rely on yourselves to find new means of assistance that maintains your own rights, power and abilities. This way the system will be forced to reduce and it’s power forced to balance. Once we take this back we can better understand the government positioning in our own lives and our families lives. Eventually being able to hold those government officials accountable to their acceess to, and representation of us.

We have to always remember our autonomy over our own lives and selves. 

That’s my two cents anyways…

Let’s make the new year a much better one!

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