We Are Free, Do Not Forget

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We are free beings, do not forget that. We are only slaves as long as we continue to imprison our minds and abilities to the control of others. Freedom is realized when we understand that it exists within us and comes through releasing our thoughts, ideas and choices to being accountable to ourselves and our own individual needs.

We Cannot Forget and We Cannot Give Up For The Truth Will Set You Free!

We will not be intimidated and we will not be silenced. We see the current leaders in Canada do not like that we can, and will think for ourselves. You are watching them try so hard to imprison us with their power and shut us up when we question and show our independent thinking, capabilities and desires. But they are naïve to think this will stand and so they will fail as they always do. 

Ask questions, seek answers and seek the truth. Do not forget your freedoms, they are yours. Do not be made afraid and thus forced to be silent because of what it being said by the masses. Think for yourself and think on your own too. Ask more questions and seek those answers, the truth does not hide, and you will see that within those who attempt to keep it hidden once you look deep enough.

Independent Millennial, Observe and Question Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: Observe and Question. Listen to the world around you and those within it. When you are lost and have many questions; ask for the answers and they must be found.

As an individual you find strength and together we can be loud and be heard.

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