The Story Teller

Independent Millennial, The Story Teller Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

The Story Teller tells their story in so many kinds of ways, you just have to be listening to piece it all together…

She cannot remove this feeling from her limbs, like something pulling on each sure step. There’s no clear face to read, only an outline to be traced back to a shadow of a conversation. Though they are only words, its the consistency of this joke that makes it all appear to be real.

It torments an abiding trust held so true; for these words create a path that leads to a place of uncertainty and sadness. In this journey it is with time that more of the story is revealed because that is the interesting part of getting to know the details. They aren’t lies being told, they are components of a broken chapter that is difficult to read.

It takes patience to understand history for what it truly is. For as you read along, each chapter reveals another branch of something alluded to in the past. Each setting of a story is conditioned by a certain mood, and it can deceive one into thinking it’s a different version of the same scene.

Independent Millennial, The Story Teller Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

Skepticism evolves as it is clouded by the offense she’s taken by believing in trickery. With this, accusations thrown about bruise the confidence of this story teller and anguish builds as she thinks she’s perceived as a liar, her honesty is then masked by hurt and rejection of her truth.

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