Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?

Passion is such an important aspect of our character and souls. It fuels us in our endeavors and purpose and can lead us towards a life of happiness and satisfaction. That being said, a full and happy life does not always mean a quiet and peaceful one. A full, happy and healthy life has manyContinue reading “Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?”

Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings

Power and responsibility, what do they even mean to people anymore? Are those concepts truly understood or valued at all? I keep thinking about the immensely famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world…” and how truly ignored and undervalued it is. Do people know who they want to be orContinue reading “Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings”

You Have the Vision, So Do This For Yourself Now

You have a vision of yourself and your life and it will be important right now for you to trust it. You have an understanding of who you are and who you want to be but only you can truly know it. That is why it is up to you to hold onto it andContinue reading “You Have the Vision, So Do This For Yourself Now”

Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World

Holding onto ourselves for dear life! Hello Everyone! The season is changing and it’s a chance to start fresh. Sorry it’s been a minute. We’ve been busy lately – life keeps throwing us curve balls here in Canada and we are settling in after a move to top it off. There is a lot toContinue reading “Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World”

Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians

Inflation got you manipulated and down? Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the politics and politicians! Oh corruption, Politicians and Corporate Elites favourite things to do are to use propaganda and redefine language so to normalize corruption… Just because they have a term to label and define the horrible decisions made overContinue reading “Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians”

Serve Your Thoughts Up On A Platter: A Painting GIF

Serve your thoughts up on a platter because now is the time to think for yourself so that you will speak for yourself. Just keep in mind that with freedom comes choice and with it comes responsibility as well as accountability.

Stop Being Their Audience

Stop being their audience… the only power that anybody has is the power that you give to them. This is true for absolutely every aspect of what we deal with personally, politically and socially. We give power to those who represent us, giving trust to the fact that they will not take advantage of thatContinue reading “Stop Being Their Audience”

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