Serve Your Thoughts Up On A Platter: A Painting GIF

Serve your thoughts up on a platter because now is the time to think for yourself so that you will speak for yourself. Just keep in mind that with freedom comes choice and with it comes responsibility as well as accountability.

Navigating Your Identity

Navigating your identity is your path to finding yourself. Listen to Yourself. Believe In Yourself. Check out more Inspirational Art & Media

Dare To Be Yourself

Dare to be expressive... Dare to be yourself.

The Story Teller

The Story Teller: A Short Story She cannot remove this feeling from her limbs, like something pulling on each sure step. There's no clear face to read, only an outline to be traced back to a shadow of a conversation. Though they are only words, its the consistency of this joke that makes it all … Continue reading The Story Teller

A Note From My Younger Self

A note from my younger self - she was watching the world through honest eyes and wanted everyone to see what she could see... This is a place alive with energy, colour and scenery that can take your breath away. A place so beautiful and plentiful that life can thrive upon it. From this land … Continue reading A Note From My Younger Self

To Win The Future

We Must Try Harder To Win The Future...