Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?

Passion is such an important aspect of our character and souls. It fuels us in our endeavors and purpose and can lead us towards a life of happiness and satisfaction. That being said, a full and happy life does not always mean a quiet and peaceful one. A full, happy and healthy life has manyContinue reading “Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?”

The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness

The beginning of a pursuit to happiness aligns with you being you… Do what you want, say what you need and be who you are.Do your own thing and always know your worth.We all have to play the game in order to win it, so learn the lessons, read the books, get your knowledge inContinue reading “The Beginning of a Pursuit to Happiness”

Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper

Here is a free verse poem, An Expensive Piece of Paper. I have an expensive piece of paper. They said it’s worth it, I’ll need it. Though I’ll be paying for it… The rest of my life. Since this paper has no experience, I’ve still to find the funds for it – because even thoughContinue reading “Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper”

Millennial Predictions Are Now Coming True

Millennial Predictions, a poem on the corruption and greed that plagues our lives… Corruption, destruction and world wide hate,ripping everything to pieces and enjoying the scene.The people watch each other and laugh in despairwhile the next generation suffers their pain.Jealousy, greed and want for control,narrow minds follow paths of isolation untold.Caught in the lines ofContinue reading “Millennial Predictions Are Now Coming True”

So What Shall We Choose?

So what shall we choose? Reflection and Acceptance Will Be Key to Moving Forward. An extremist world where we are all a war of mind versus heart. It is ourselves alone who will destroy all if we continue to allow irrelevant details lead our lives. In this world our own thoughts could become our worstContinue reading “So What Shall We Choose?”

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