Second Chances Are Opportunities You Make The Most Of

Second chances are always available to us, it’s just a matter of making the most of the opportunity to learn and do better. So don’t be afraid of the hard times, they can teach you lessons and make you stronger to lead you towards the better times. Everything you face brings you closer to understanding,Continue reading “Second Chances Are Opportunities You Make The Most Of”

Music for the Soul: Watch Opera, Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco

Music is needed for the soul. Watch this! Don’t lose hope just yet and find solace in the beauty that still does and can exist, like music. Times are hard and there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel with all that is going on. It seems that no matterContinue reading “Music for the Soul: Watch Opera, Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco”

I Am Mine, You Are Yours

I am mine, you are yours. There will never be a version of yourself within this life where you are not the owner of yourself; to think, speak and choose for yourself. It doesn’t matter how people want to dictate their perception of power over you to undermine that, the power is not theirs toContinue reading “I Am Mine, You Are Yours”

Gathering My Latest Thoughts

Gathering My Thoughts From The Last While Common sense is not all that common and when common sense is lacking, it makes trouble for everyone. Governance and leadership are hard because it’s difficult to be an advocate for what is right and keep going. You will know when you get there. Often times, those whoContinue reading “Gathering My Latest Thoughts”

Find It All Within Yourself

Find Everything Inside When Facing External Measures You Find Are Bombarding You, Know This: They are not the only means towards your success. They are the distractions from the truth of your purpose: everything you need you can find within yourself. Status quo exists in order to keep you in a certain place and manipulateContinue reading “Find It All Within Yourself”

We Are Free, Do Not Forget

We Are Free, Do Not Forget. We Cannot Forget and We Cannot Give Up – As They Say, The Truth Will Set You Free! We will not be intimidated and we will not be silenced. We see the current leaders in Canada do not like that we can, and will think for ourselves. You are watching themContinue reading “We Are Free, Do Not Forget”

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