Watch This If You Are Dealing With An Adhesive Nightmare!

Watch below! You must be full of creativity and projects if you’ve stumbled upon this post! Have you changed your mind on your décor that you planned to be permanent? If you used an adhesive tape that won’t come off the wall without damaging, don’t worry! Seriously, there are great products out there to dealContinue reading “Watch This If You Are Dealing With An Adhesive Nightmare!”

Watch Cats Get into The Festive Holiday Spirit

Watch cats help set up for the holidays! These two cuties love to get into the festive spirit and help with decorating the tree and house! Let’s get inspired! Who are your helpers when you are decorating? My two girly cats love to “help me” and make the place look pretty! Sass and Derperella loveContinue reading “Watch Cats Get into The Festive Holiday Spirit”

Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?

Fairy Garden Box Inspiration is here! Check out the green thumb for inspiration and ideas. Getting Back to Nature – We All Need This Gardening is so good for all things; it’s good for you, it’s good for the plants, and more than anything, it relieves stress! I started my garden box outside so thatContinue reading “Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?”

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