Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians

Inflation got you manipulated and down? Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the politics and politicians! Oh corruption, Politicians and Corporate Elites favourite things to do are to use propaganda and redefine language so to normalize corruption… Just because they have a term to label and define the horrible decisions made overContinue reading “Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians”

Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call

Politicians of Canada: What are politicians doing when the “work” they are fulfilling only leads to consistent general harm to the public and more protection for them? What are their debates accomplishing? Are they advocating for the needs of the general populace? What are they accomplishing for governance or for citizens if the product ofContinue reading “Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call”

Millennial Predictions Are Now Coming True

Millennial Predictions, a poem on the corruption and greed that plagues our lives… Corruption, destruction and world wide hate,ripping everything to pieces and enjoying the scene.The people watch each other and laugh in despairwhile the next generation suffers their pain.Jealousy, greed and want for control,narrow minds follow paths of isolation untold.Caught in the lines ofContinue reading “Millennial Predictions Are Now Coming True”

Millennials Are Wondering What’s the Point Anymore?

Millennials are wondering what’s the point anymore? I’m sure more people are wondering that each day, or finding themselves wondering that more often each day. I know I do – with everything, every single day now. What is the point? What is the point in me doing something or saying something or wanting something orContinue reading “Millennials Are Wondering What’s the Point Anymore?”

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