Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call

Politicians of Canada: What are politicians doing when the "work" they are fulfilling only leads to consistent general harm to the public and more protection for them? What are their debates accomplishing? Are they advocating for the needs of the general populace? What are they accomplishing for governance or for citizens if the product of … Continue reading Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call

The Story Teller

The Story Teller: A Short Story She cannot remove this feeling from her limbs, like something pulling on each sure step. There's no clear face to read, only an outline to be traced back to a shadow of a conversation. Though they are only words, its the consistency of this joke that makes it all … Continue reading The Story Teller

Stand Up For Yourself

Stand up for yourself and make choices for yourself.

Destiny Is Yours: Where Might You Go?

Destiny is yours to discover; where might you go? Where Ever The Destination, Always Be Sure To Be Choosing For Yourself.

Gathering My Latest Thoughts

Gathering My Thoughts From The Last While Common sense is not all that common and when common sense is lacking, it makes trouble for everyone. Governance and leadership are hard because it's difficult to be an advocate for what is right and keep going. You will know when you get there. Often times, those who … Continue reading Gathering My Latest Thoughts

Find It All Within Yourself

Find Everything Inside When Facing External Measures You Find Are Bombarding You, Know This: They are not the only means towards your success. They are the distractions from the truth of your purpose: everything you need you can find within yourself. Status quo exists in order to keep you in a certain place and manipulate … Continue reading Find It All Within Yourself