Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?

Why do you think the same few headlines are constantly bombarding you every week? Why do you think you are constantly addressed to be panicked and scared? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed, confident and certain in your knowledge about what is happening? Or have you grown accustomed to the panic induced stress lashing outContinue reading “Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?”

Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings

Power and responsibility, what do they even mean to people anymore? Are those concepts truly understood or valued at all? I keep thinking about the immensely famous quote, “be the change you want to see in the world…” and how truly ignored and undervalued it is. Do people know who they want to be orContinue reading “Power and Responsibility as Individual Human Beings”

Build and Live with Nature In Its Kingdom

Build with it. Nature with always reign supreme. We can learn to live with it, not try to defeat it. The world is its own Kingdom, maintained through the checks and balances that nature ensures. We do not need to own it, be smarter than it or defeat it. We need to respect it, learnContinue reading “Build and Live with Nature In Its Kingdom”

As She Stands There

As she stands there… The followers may follow and walk along with them, without question or concern… but not her. Keep your head up, eyes peeled, mind strong, and questions ready. She let them stomp on by, held her head up high, raised her hand and showed them peace. I’ll find my own way, thanks.Continue reading “As She Stands There”

The Truth About Love and Anger: Driven By Hope and Optimism

“To love, what does it really mean to love? To love ultimately is to have a willingness to interpret someone’s – on the surface – not very appealing behavior in order to find more benevolent reasons why they may be unfolding, in other words, to love someone is to apply charity and generosity of interpretation.Continue reading “The Truth About Love and Anger: Driven By Hope and Optimism”

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