Resources To Check Out For Your Own Information

Resources are for your information, so check out all the resources you can – even ones you may not like or agree with. Make sure to research and analyze for yourself – so you can know for yourself. Be your own curator of information and gather as much of it as you can through asContinue reading “Resources To Check Out For Your Own Information”

Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?

Why do you think the same few headlines are constantly bombarding you every week? Why do you think you are constantly addressed to be panicked and scared? Wouldn’t you prefer to be informed, confident and certain in your knowledge about what is happening? Or have you grown accustomed to the panic induced stress lashing outContinue reading “Why Does The News Tell You What You Are ‘Supposed’ To Know?”

Freedom Is Ours, So Make It Yours

Freedom isn’t handed out. It doesn’t matter what version they try to spin – freedom is ours. We Are Free. Be Free. This Just Needs To Be Repeated Again and Again. What Would William Wallace Say? FREEDOMMMMMMM! It’s a world we’ve known too long… but it’s a world we can change to be better. WantContinue reading “Freedom Is Ours, So Make It Yours”

Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call

Politicians of Canada: What are politicians doing when the “work” they are fulfilling only leads to consistent general harm to the public and more protection for them? What are their debates accomplishing? Are they advocating for the needs of the general populace? What are they accomplishing for governance or for citizens if the product ofContinue reading “Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call”

Find Beauty In Yourself and In What Makes You Stand Out

Find beauty within yourself. It’s all inside you to explore and bring to light. It is beautiful to be unique… so find beauty in what makes you stand out. Your perfection is yours to make, so listen to yourself and believe in yourself.

Stop Being Their Audience

Stop being their audience… the only power that anybody has is the power that you give to them. This is true for absolutely every aspect of what we deal with personally, politically and socially. We give power to those who represent us, giving trust to the fact that they will not take advantage of thatContinue reading “Stop Being Their Audience”

Observe and Question

Observe this life through your own eyes and mind and you might start to see that everything is different than what you are always told. You need to look out for yourself, think for yourself and speak for yourself. Question, Question, Question, Always Make Sure to Question!

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