Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?

Passion is such an important aspect of our character and souls. It fuels us in our endeavors and purpose and can lead us towards a life of happiness and satisfaction. That being said, a full and happy life does not always mean a quiet and peaceful one. A full, happy and healthy life has manyContinue reading “Passion and Happiness: What Are Your Priorities?”

Freedom Is Ours, So Make It Yours

Freedom isn’t handed out. It doesn’t matter what version they try to spin – freedom is ours. We Are Free. Be Free. This Just Needs To Be Repeated Again and Again. What Would William Wallace Say? FREEDOMMMMMMM! It’s a world we’ve known too long… but it’s a world we can change to be better. WantContinue reading “Freedom Is Ours, So Make It Yours”

Art and Nature; Quickly Distorting Nature and Changing Life

Art is a part of nature and nature is art. Now technology, nature and art have joined together too. Distorting nature; life will always prevail, no matter what distortions to reality are made. Find beauty in everything that surrounds you because you can learn from it all. It will certainly be important to find aContinue reading “Art and Nature; Quickly Distorting Nature and Changing Life”

Serve Your Thoughts Up On A Platter: A Painting GIF

Serve your thoughts up on a platter because now is the time to think for yourself so that you will speak for yourself. Just keep in mind that with freedom comes choice and with it comes responsibility as well as accountability.

Find It All Within Yourself

Find Everything Inside When Facing External Measures You Find Are Bombarding You, Know This: They are not the only means towards your success. They are the distractions from the truth of your purpose: everything you need you can find within yourself. Status quo exists in order to keep you in a certain place and manipulateContinue reading “Find It All Within Yourself”

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