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My name is Carley, I’m Sensitive Betch; blogger, writer, artist, creator and front-end web developer. I’m the owner/operator, writer, creator, editor, and developer for Independent Millennial and all work by Sensitive Betch. My aim is to build my site’s presence as organically as I can and for it to be an inspirational hub for all sorts of writing, interests and trades. I want to prioritize the positive abilities of the internet and technology – in it’s giving access to information and being a wingman to further independence in the modern world. I’d like to contribute to encouraging transparency and truth through my work and site so that we can all utilize it the best we can.


Chronicling various thoughts, perceptions, observations, questions, experiences, writings, reports, art, memories, photography, ideas, poems, life tips, stories, resources, history, learning, understandings and beyond. Looking to the root of the issues, finding connections in search of the truth. Focusing on continued self education and gathering of information because we need to be rid of manipulation.

I believe we need to protect our independence and freedom individually. We need to work towards empowering people to see and think about things for themselves. To be able to take a concept, idea, visual perspective, question, bit of research or information and look into it for themselves and apply it to their own thinking or individual perspective and situation. I believe more in the concept of teaching people how, rather than what because each person is living their own life and must be able to gather information to use it best for themselves within their own circumstances.

I hope to inspire you towards following your own passions.

Believe in Yourself and the Path that Makes Sense to You

It will always be important for what is right and fair to be done. Everyone may not agree but we must come together as humans and respect each other as individuals. It is important to encourage independent thinking and raise awareness that informed thinking can perpetuate informed action and that deeper understanding can lead to more purposeful living.

Support This Space: This for yourself. Speak for yourself. Say no because I need to. Walk away when I want to. Let go when I have to. Stand strong because it's time to.

My work is to inspire you to want to make the most of things for yourself in your own way. Now is the time to live this life for yourself with freedom and with purpose by your own design. I am hoping to help encourage this way forward for everyone else and you being here shows support towards the same goal.

Support This Space: recognize those who inspire passion, support strength and express perception of your depth.
Encouraging Transparency of Truth

To live in a world where people and media are trying to distract you with propaganda devised to think for you, I want to encourage you to think for yourself. To be independent, to think critically and to always ask why. I want to encourage people to remember that they must speak up to remind others it is not their place to do it for you. I also want this to be a hub for creativity, inspiration and some light heartedness to give us a break. For art and cats will always be here to bring us a smile… check out, The Millennial Cats for a start.

Join in speaking to the truth of things for yourself and what is truly around you, asking questions & seeking answers. Let us live a life of purpose and to make a point of defining our own lives.

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