Stop Being Their Audience

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Stop being an audience to the propaganda that is surrounding you. Stop feeding fears by spreading panic and lies inspired by the news media. It’s hard to live your life by your own needs when you are constantly being influenced by what is told to you. When you live your life by propaganda, your powers are being given away.

We give power to those who represent us, personally, politically and socially, trusting that they won’t take advantage of that power and use it against us. While we give our power away, we become so comfortable in giving it away and letting other people decide for us. We forget to think for ourselves as we blindly believe anything we are told by those we’ve entrusted ourselves to.

Independent Millennial, Stop Being Their Audience Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
There Is Only One You To Think As You Do

We fall into the trap and forget to think critically, believing that once we decide our representation we don’t need to hold anyone accountable. We listen to the ideas marketed to us, pushing us to accept any solution to the problems created for us. Shaping the concerns and actions for everyone to follow. A single person cannot truly represent large groups of people and choose for every single person, correctly. One issue or event cannot truly affect everyone the same or be required to be a main concern for everybody the same. A group of people can try to agree on basic principles and morals to live by, but must recognize that each person still has individual experiences, thoughts and needs that they want to choose by.

To accept or expect someone to be a full representation of you and choose as you would is a difficult line to walk. Every person interprets and perceives the world in their own way and will communicate and act through that lens. They only have the energy that you give to what matters to you, positive or negative. So if you live by someone else’s ideas and give yourself up to someone else to represent you, remember their interpretation of your life will be what you see and endure.

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