Stand Up For Yourself

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Stand up for yourself, so that you are always the one making choices for yourself. Most of our regret festers from going against what we know to be right. So know who you are so that you know what you need and know how to choose for yourself correctly as you go.

Grow Proud From The Inside-Out

Say no because I need to.
Walk away when I want to.
Let go when I have to.
Stand strong because it’s time to.

Sensitive Betch
Independent Millennial, Stand Up For Yourself, Stand Up For Yourself Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: Listen, you don't know what's around the next corner or how quickly things can change. So don't leave words unsaid , let thoughts fester or keep feelings hidden. Do what you really feel and give yourself what you need. Every day is unexpected, so don't wait. That chance may never come back around again. It's harder to wish you did it, than to realize you always could.

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