So What Shall We Choose?

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So what shall we choose? Reflection and acceptance will be key to moving forward.

An extremist world where we are all a war of mind versus heart.
It is ourselves alone who will destroy all if we continue to allow irrelevant details lead our lives.
In this world our own thoughts could become our worst enemies;
so while there are those who distinguish, there are also those who cause decay.
It would seem we will never know who’s who because no one will admit to who they are.
Without seeing a median and accepting the beauty of unique differences among us,
there will be a growing separation pulling us apart.
So are we blinded by the trap we set ourselves in?

In this life we are affected by what we allow and our very mind set will echo our daily life.

Sensitive Betch
Independent Millennial, So What Shall We Choose, Be Inspired To Express Yourself Image by Sensitive Betch

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