Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call

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Politicians positions are to be representations of the populace. Are they representing individual citizens when they align with groups and corporations that take away from our individual needs? What are politicians doing when the “work” they are fulfilling only leads to consistent general harm to the public and more protection for speciffic entities? What are their debates accomplishing? Are they advocating for the needs of the individuals who make up the population? Or the groups they box us into?

What are they accomplishing for governance or for citizens if the product of their work only ever gets worse and more corrupted?

It would appear that their talking points are based on their own personal beliefs, opinions and situation more than a representation of the populace. This being the case we see a growing divide between the government and the rest of the country.

Independent Millennial, Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call: What Are Politicians In Canada Doing Quote by Sensitive Betch: Politicians are being paid wages to 'yell' their personal opinions at each other about issues lived by Canadians in Canada, determining the level of importance as they see fit. Canadians say, you've messed up everything, they say, you get to choose 1 to have narrated with no fix.

This position represents the people and works for us, but the only fruit of their labour that we are consistently seeing is a mess for us to clean up and pay for. Through this, we have seriously reduced a politician’s duty and responsibility to an act of delivering empty promises. We’ve allowed childish debates that account for nothing but divisive tactics to become a paid pass time while still receiving praise.

What Are Politicians Actually Accomplishing?

The governance of people cannot choose sides, that is why it should exist to care for the external commonalities that all people face objectively so that they can care for their own subjective needs and desires. It’s a full time job to care for ourselves, to survive and especially to thrive. So we cannot have a governing body that wants to take over to care for the whole so that we can pick at the few and allow us to be divided and conquered.

This is why people need others to check them, we need humbling reminders. This is why a governing body – divided into sides – could never be one for all people or represent a safety net for all citizens consistently to protect them when things go wrong. This is exactly why identity politics has reigned supreme here in Canada and has allowed all we know and who we are to be undermined and destroyed.

Complacency and Fear Has Allowed Us To Stay Quiet and Be Led Astray

We have devised societies where governing bodies, policies and protections are dictated by those who rule them. Thus, depending on what they believe subjectively, ends up effecting masses objectively. This leaves room for discrimination as one can suddenly be deemed deserving or not of human decency, needs or protection based on those subjective beliefs. That is not an objective governing body, that is a subjective, authoritarian regime, ready to cause harm.

We are undermining the point to authority by undermining what it means to be a leader. A leader isn’t going to choose sides. A leader chooses what is best for the greater good and then leads that way by example. Authority is not a dictator that tells you who is deserving and who is not. A leader with authority would never dictate an individual’s needs because they respect and know that every individual knows themselves better and instead provides the means for fulfilling them.

When There Are More Questions Than Answers… The Answers Need To Be Found

A true leader provides the means and freedom to thrive and thus, access to those means as they are individually required. A true leader helps others to do for themselves. They know all people need something at some stage, be that help, education, ideas, health support, etc., but in their own way and time. When people are given the individual means within an environment of empowerment, they can actually thrive with independence, which can ultimately reward the whole.

Independent Millennial, Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call: To All Levels of Canadian Government Quote by Sensitive Betch: To all levels of Canadian government: our Canadian lives are not your project. We are not your property. To be in government is to be a representation of the populace and advocate for that alone. Your job is not to take from us so that you can do for us. 'You' are public servants when holding those positions.

Unfortunately we have experienced too much evidence that a politician leads for themselves. A politician eventually becomes the same working person, but within a dangerous field. Chasing a pay cheque, succumbing to the opportunities for power and wealth, believing they know and can do better and thus deserve it above others.

Through this they lose track of the vocation for leading and being a representation of a larger whole beyond the self. A politician and the governing body exists to represent the people as citizens of a nation and is to be respected as such. As such, all aspects of their work, advocacy and communication should be for the benefit of the citizen first and be between the citizen, governing body and representing politicians’ privately and respectfully.

Stop Being Their Audience and Make Them Represent You

It’s funny that we are all aware of fraud and thieves and hear all the warnings about how the official means of communication from the government would be made by official means, yet they do most of their communication through media, social media, text and non-official means of communication. Why do politicians and governing bodies decide to communicate to us through media outlets and these other means?

Why are all messages so general to all citizens that they would create one message to be delivered to everyone via one source? When did the representing politician and governing body’s work for protecting the rights of citizens change to also encompass being the main source for news and information? When did every citizen change to fit into one box type that they all communicate to through this one source?

What Is The Motivation Anymore?

When did it become the citizens job to chase the government body for information and remind the politician that they are working to represent us in these issues? Why aren’t all politicians and the governing body responsible for ensuring proper, individual communication with every citizen?

They may use convenience as their excuse and reason for breaking down the means of communication with citizens, but it wasn’t their move or excuse to make. Politicians and the governing body do not get to be lazy, they don’t get to change the rules because they don’t feel like doing something – that’s the justification for high wages and benefits, it’s hard work. They are supposed to lead by example and do the work they are there to do as a representation of the populace so that the citizens can do their part in contributing to the economy and communities.

Why Have We Allowed The Character Title “Politician” to Become The Accepted Position Title of The Government Employee or Worker?

However, politicians and the governing body did get lazy and it is corrupt and rather than rise to the occasion and lead by example – providing an organized and fair governing system that society could build upon – politicians saw opportunity for their own rise to power and wealth and for that of their own blood lines and specific beliefs and ideals.

The governing body stopped existing for the populace and the citizen and became a system for guaranteed wealth for the politicians and their families as long as they abide by and advocate for the cultist, wealth making ideals of the current regime. They boast their position to be constantly working for us in the background, yet the solutions they often devise reward themselves to get rich while costing us, the civilian’s life and work, more. So why do people allow this?

Independent Millennial, Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call: The Changing Opinion of Followers Quote by Sensitive Betch: Is a politician publically changing their opinion due to changing pressure from the swing in the popular majority opinion of the loudest croud any different to that same politician staying quiet because of the loud, popular majority of the government before? Followers are followers.

We are paying wages for politicians to be on social media to highlight government sponsored news articles about issues that we know about in real time because we are the ones actually living and working these realities. We joke about the inefficiency and costs and encourage people to get jobs with the government because it’s unionized with guaranteed pay and job security, without recognizing we’re funding that problem.

Be A Representation Of The Population and Be Transparent In The Work

We join in their chatter, debating about who is deserving of what while we give them our money, convinced that they and others need it more and can make better decisions. We stand back and accept that people with good salaries, benefits and vacation time and pay also deserve every financial break imaginable, always comfortable with shifting the price tag to the less fortunate. We are aware of corruption and have evidence of manipulated decisions made over the last 50 odd years to create norms that have led to our demise yet it means nothing to changing anything for the better.

Why Are We So Comfortable In Believing What We Are Told Rather Than What We See?

We find ourselves asking questions about the policies, procedures and payments being made that just make no sense but have now become the nonsensical nature that politics and governance have boiled down to. Debating policies and payouts that break laws or cannot be traced, allowing there to be no consequences or actual process for rectifying any issues. Such items become new policies, norms and excuses for “how it is” instead.

Politicians of Canada, please understand that you hold a position that is untrustworthy as you are given power over people and their freedoms. You are given this power with the understanding that you will not abuse its reach but easily can.

Independent Millennial, Politicians of Canada Need A Serious Wake Up Call, If There Is Nothing To Hide Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: If there is nothing to hide why is there so much confusion created in revealing the truth?

As you continue to play the political game, you will continue to lose and perpetuate the problems and this level of distrust. You must first earn our trust by fulfilling your promises and explaining the process of your failures or provide explanation for your inability to deliver a promise. That’s the transparency that you owe as part of that position you have chosen to uphold. If you gain that trust – after that point, you must constantly work hard to prove you’re still doing your job and to maintain our trust by proving your responsibility to hold yourselves accountable. 

It’s Time That We All Wake Up To What We Can Know and Accomplish

Do not be surprised that the system breaks further as those who come around to fix it play the exact same political game, expecting our trust without proving yourselves at all. You are manipulating political power to harm. To ensure good governance can prevail once again, we must strip everything back to the basic principles set by the Constitution Acts and redefine the responsibilities of these powers to uphold our freedoms and rights. It isn’t simple and it isn’t for profits – governance and leadership is hard work because it’s difficult to be an advocate for what is right and keep going. 

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