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Observe all of life that surrounds you and how it draws you to interact with it. Analyze what you hear, see, think and feel to keep track of what you know through your own eyes and mind. You may start to realize that a lot of what you believe is different to what you are being shown or told.

Society tries to move in one way and push everyone to fall into the same line. Developing norms to force people to follow a one size fits all mentality and way of life. Through institutions we are trained to form groupthink rather than prosper individually. Rather than supporting individuals to walk their own path, we tend to project group identities in various ways through external messaging.

Sometimes Our Values, Beliefs, Choices, Character and Decisions Can Lead Us Down Difficult Paths

This is why it’s so important to know who you are. To reflect on all that is around you and coming at you so that you can maintain your own grounding. Staying true to your own values, beliefs, choices, and needs can help you to think more critically and clearly. It can also help keep your life more peaceful, as you choose what to react to or not. Know yourself so that you feel secure in your decisions and know you did the right thing for yourself and family.

Question, Question, Question, Always Make Sure To Question!
Independent Millennial, Observe and Question, Observe and Question Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: Observe and Question. Listen to the world around you and those within it. When you are lost and have many questions; ask for the answers and they must be found.

When you’re someone who goes against the grain, you may find yourself in conflict to be forced to follow the same. If your choices and character create a life that differs from what others think is normal, you may find yourself receiving a lot of push back in your movements. So when you’re questioned, question back. Hold people accountable to their personal expectations, beliefs and norms they expect you to follow. Staying true to yourself and staying true to a decision you made – that you know is fundamentally right for the long term – may be one of the hardest things to follow through on. It may leave you questioning yourself, questioning those values that make you, questioning your choices, beliefs and what is right or wrong.

Through choice and reflection comes understanding and clarity. In these times you may judge yourself and those you’ve met. Making you question what lead you to where you are and what’s changed in you through the journey. Try to remember though, with growth comes change and with each person, a lesson. So you may allow regret to fester sometimes, but move through that feeling to see how far you’ve come and why you must keep going.

You need to look out for yourself, think for yourself and speak for yourself.

Observe the forces around you and question what they mean to you. Pay attention to your feelings – they are trying to guide you towards what is right. If the crowd has jumped on board with it, then you probably should not follow. One should always be warry of group think and conditioning.. It’s important to have your own perspective – the one that applies to you in your real life. There is nothing wrong with standing outside the crowd on your own two feet, thinking and living for yourself and those you love.

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