Music for the Soul: Watch Opera, Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco

Independent Millennial, Music for the Soul: Watch Opera, Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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Music is needed for the soul. Watch this! Don’t lose hope just yet and find solace in the beauty that still does and can exist, like music.

Fortify us to endure our suffering.

Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Times are hard and there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel with all that is going on. It seems that no matter what information we have and what past events and norms we look back on to learn from, we just keep repeating the same mistakes. This being the never ending case, art and music always find their way to prosper to try to remind people to connect to the root of things and their nature; to learn from what is around us and within us so that we can do better. Though, while learning and doing better seems to be a near impossible feat, at least we always have the music and art to cherish and those of us who want to, have many opportunities to listen and to learn.

Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Fly, thought, on wings of gold,
go settle upon the slopes and the hills
where the sweet airs of our native soil smell soft and mild!
Greet the banks of the river Jordan,
and Zion's tumbled towers.
Oh, my country, so lovely and lost!
Oh remembrance so dear yet unhappy!
Golden harp of the prophetic wise men,
why hang so silently from the willows?
Rekindle the memories in our hearts,
tell us about the times gone by!
Remembering the fate of Jerusalem, play us a sad lament.
Or else, be inspired by the Lord to fortify us to endure our suffering!

See this English translation on this lyrics translation site, here.

Try listening to the people around you who are telling you their experiences and the reality they are facing. Stop ignoring the existence of those right in front of you in favour of the perception being planted within you and shown to you on TV; telling you how to think, how to live and who is deserving of what. As you continue to ignore and gaslight those in front of you, reducing their experiences to mad thoughts in their head, you are alienating their existence as a human being who is a unique person from the mob whose thoughts, feelings and perceptions need to be respected as their own, the same way you believe about your own, which have been given to you by group think.

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