Millennials Are Wondering What’s the Point Anymore?

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Millennials are wondering what’s the point anymore? I’m sure more people are wondering that each day, or finding themselves wondering that more often each day.

I know I do – with everything, every single day now. What is the point? What is the point in me doing something or saying something or wanting something or planning for something when those efforts will only go wasted?

Standing within the brink of giving up makes you ask yourself questions about many seemingly mundane things, while finding yourself having to come up with an answer to each one. It’s a strange way of reprioritizing without realizing it at all. At this point of lacking energy to care, one finds that they have zero space for bullshit or extra wasted effort. These are the times that allow only what is necessary to get any attention. In these times it’s not necessarily that anything is really different or less hectic, there are still a lot of the same things requiring attention… the difference however is in the fact I just don’t care about the pressures attached to them.

Everyone’s independence is being pulled from them. That creates existential crisis within people without understanding what they are missing and looking for. Psychological warfare. The intangible is hard to grasp.

As we do best – when we are overwhelmed – we simplify difficult things. We see that happening in the world right now as everything is coming to a head. We find ourselves focusing on one singular issue when we know we are bombarded by tons of them. It’s too much though, we cannot possibly focus on all of it, we must break it down. The hardships of the aware.

Sifting through everything that you see, know, understand and want to do to help, while also realizing it’s not up to you to do that or understanding what could help but having zero power to initiate it. More than that, as we watch one another break down, we aren’t realizing that our communities and relationships are falling apart and that’s why socializing is succeeding and why the politicians and bureaucrats are convincing people the government system is the only thing capable of taking care of anybody or anything.

Millennials should really be used to this and we should have realized what was coming because this has been our reality our entire lives. We have always been led by these same “adults” telling us all the amazing things we MUST accomplish in order to succeed. Each item of course was not an item that they had to conquer in order to gain their success.. but times change and so we had to do a bit more to do better and succeed that much further ahead. But weirdly enough… as we accomplished each step… they added another one. Every. Single. Time.

Independent Millennial, Millennials Are Wondering What’s the Point Anymore Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

  • We were in Elementary School and they told us we needed “Post-Secondary Education or Training after High School.”
  • In High School, that changed to needing an “Advanced College education or specific Trades Training.”
  • Midway that changed to “you need a University Degree, if you want to move beyond the entry level position” because aiming for entry level or just the trades wasn’t good enough. So choose now, College or University.
  • Then that changed to “you need a co-op with your University Degree in order to gain field experience.” Those co-ops were everywhere and we had opportunity to work for free to gain experience within our education and employers got work done for free by students – we spoke up but had no standing to demand more.
  • That did eventually become an issue and they realized they were using the students for free labour and started talking about and enacting “paid co-op opportunities” but not in time for the Millennials.
  • That quieted down pretty quickly and suddenly our Diplomas, Training and Degrees weren’t good enough and in order to move up into Management we now needed a “Masters degree.” The experience we were gaining continued to be minimized in comparison to theirs and there was never enough. Only for our generation though of course, people who gained their success before this requirement did so “in different times” and had opportunity to upgrade within their positions sometimes and those coming up were given better opportunities since they learned from what we dealt with.
  • We’ve always had ideas, worked hard and accomplished a lot, learning new technology as it was coming around, just like everyone else. Every day that we showed up to work, proving we’ve learned a lot and do really try, we’d be stonewalled, in order to get approval to follow through on further work, meetings needed to be had by the upper management – without us. This started happening whenever we were looking to take the next step… hold on, we have to have a few meetings…
  • Then they started pushing that a PhD is necessary in order to be anyone worthwhile of thinking or speaking or directing anything, while solidifying that only those with at least 20 years experience are capable of decision making, and thus cannot give up their positions. For only those who live within and cite the same circles do everything they can to restrict entry to others, so not to deal with disagreement or possible defeat.
  • Then they started quota hires – so it didn’t matter who we were, what work we accomplished, what our thoughts or capabilities were, if we didn’t fit the social narrative for the position, we were tossed. Who are we anyways? Young one’s who need to wait their turn – said all Boomers and GenXers day after day, year after year, socializing the concept of who we are and what we deserve. So why would we be surprised that more requirements have been set on us? There is always one more step that Baby Boomers and Gen Xers force upon us to be worthy of their recognition that we are adults deserving of our own opportunities to success.
  • Ownership is held by the Boomers and GenXers, our own parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, family, friends and they are all going to maintain that ownership as they have been all these years while debating about what more or less the government should do – passing the buck on their responsibilities.

Don’t ever forget that while someone puts an idea in your head, it is you who is choosing to act out that idea in your own way and thus are responsible for the consequences to your decisions to follow through on their idea in your way.

We are defeated as we continue to argue that it is up to everyone else outside of us and our families to decide for us and take care of us. First mistake is giving yourself away. Second mistake is giving your own away. Repeating such is no longer a mistake, it is a choice.

And now we see them flailing in every industry as they now push to fill the gap on the trades, education and positions that they ignored. Why do we ever listen to these people when they always back track on every decision, realizing they are always wrong in the end?

Stop arguing for the media talking points and look at your own life. What skills do you have? What thoughts do you have? What research have you done? What experience do you have? What do you wake up wanting to do? What do you feel each day? Who is doing anything to show that, that matters at all?? Anybody??

What’s the point in talking to the people we know? Why speak up? We all talk, we say things, we warn people, we have conversations based on experience and what we know, but everyone ignores the ones we know. When anyone has conversations its only to use talking points advertised to everyone, the same talking points you hear over and over.

Conversations are not really about individuals and their own lives and needs, people are usually advocating for a cause right in front of the people closest to them facing it, while completely ignoring those in their real life. We speak up but we don’t listen to each other. Strangers hold more stance with better advice to follow than anyone we know in real life. People take advice from governments, media, celebrities and anyone held in regard by the larger public over anyone in their own life and then we wonder why our personal relationships are suffering.

Independent Millennial, Millennials Are Wondering What's the Point Anymore: B/C.... Boomers tricked us into obtaining $20K+ in student debt only to try to pay us $15/hour upon graduation due to "entry level" status. THEN want us to gain 8+ years of experience before giving us real raises - all while charging $1200+ a month for a 875sq ft apartment. Myth vs Fact @MythvsFactss The most stressed people... The most stressed people on earth are 18 to 33-years old.

We need to realize that things aren’t getting better because there isn’t enough being done to actually make things better. There are much more things going on to maintain loopholes and power and money within specific circles.

Are you surprised more items would be put in place to act as deterrents to our success and movement forward? You know what everyone needs to do now? Let them fail, leave them to their own devices. They don’t want us? Then let us forget them. They think they are the be all and end all to all problems, so leave them to it. Why are we helping them to dictate our lives by doing their bidding?

Independent Millennial, Millennials Are Wondering What's the Point Anymore, Problems From The Past Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: While they run around chasing problems from the past, the current situation meets the whiplash.

Every single day I see debates going on and they are always between those with the money, power, positions and ownership going on and on debating for what other people do not have, while they continue debating to have a monopoly on it all. Honestly, it is so sociopathic to manipulate like this, pretending to be on someone’s side, setting them up with hope and belief that the path they are following will lead to good things, only to find that there is a condition to their detriment, attached each time. Psychopathic to watch people suffering and stand listening to someone speaking to their suffering, only to respond with your luck and deserving to have all that you have while that person does not.

If the problem only continues to fester, why does anybody actually believe anyone is doing anything to help it? Adult’s in Canada who are Millionaires and Billionaires donating to charities for the tax write off and posting it on their social media to look good. Why are charities and shelters and such services required more now than ever before? WHY are these services putting on Galas and Banquets that cost more than an individual’s annual income for one night, while pretending they are there to put power back into the people’s hands? Then just do that.

So What’s The Point? What’s Our Point?

Give them their power back. Give them the money they need to sort out their issues. It isn’t up to you to decide for that person what their priorities are. And with that, it is also not the helper’s responsibility if that person fails after you tried to help them. But you didn’t help them if you gave the help to someone else to hold over their head and decide how that person gets the help they need.

You took their independence in doing that and undermined their ability to find their own way. You only help people if you help them directly, reminding them the power can be and has to be in their hands to fix anything for themselves. Until we have a society that actually prioritizes, welcomes and encourages independence we will continue building this broken society that is selling itself to tyranny and nothingness.

Logic wins over everything. Math defeats all the debates. Everyone is avoiding both and it’s just exhausting.

Be better than them. Be better than them. Don’t be lured by their game. Be better than them.

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