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Fairy Garden Box Inspiration is here!
Check out the green thumb for inspiration and ideas.

Getting Back to Nature – We All Need This

Independent Millennial, Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration, Fairy Garden Box September 2021 by Sensitive Betch

Gardening is so good for all things;
it’s good for you, it’s good for the plants,
and more than anything,
it relieves stress!

I started my garden box outside so that everything started with natural nutrition from the outdoors, in particular, getting the most from the sun and rain. This isn’t absolutely necessary to a garden box (that will ultimately end up indoors), I just find that it set my garden box up for great success over the years and really believe it’s from allowing it to begin with nature, outside. I try not to interfere with my plants too much, as in, I don’t panic and I just try to take the best care of them when they are really thirsty, sopping wet, a little sick, or dying because it’s all part of the journey.

The sun and rain needs to be allowed to do a lot of the work in the beginning and I always made sure to remove dead pieces so they weren’t stealing energy as the rest grew. For the most part, I try to water as the rain comes, but also tend to spray water in between when I feel they need it. When it rained – and because I mostly choose succulent and tropical plants – the water lasted between each fall. The exception to this was the incredibly hot, humid days when the sun was cooking everything – more water was very necessary.

Following this pattern tends to work pretty well with the indoor plants as well, but I check on and speak with all the plants every day, just in case they need extra of anything because it’s very important for them! Generally, I really find that my lack of interference and working with their own nature created a strong environment for great natural growth, year after year and as I plant and replant.

I started it with a mixture of: sand, nutrition rich potting soil and cactus, palm & succulent soil, divided by 3 parts, equally. I find this mixture has done wonders for everything growing.

Independent Millennial, Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration, Fairy Garden Box 2 Close Up September 2021 by Sensitive Betch

I use a mixture of potting soil with cactus, palm & succulent soil and add organic blood meal to the mix for all of my potted plants/flowers that I put inside and outside. To my surprise, even the hibiscus is loving the garden box with all the other succulents and plants!

Beginning Essentials:
  • sun
  • rain
  • sand (got ours at a hardware store)
  • nutrition rich potting soil (got ours at Walmart)
  • cactus, palm & succulent soil (got ours at Walmart)
  • plant food sticks (got ours at Dollarama, yep, my favourite place for DIY too!)
  • organic blood meal (got ours at Walmart)
  • Homemade Essential Oil Spray (keep reading for more on this one)
  • love & enjoyment

A Little Extra TLC

I make a homemade essential oil, water based spray for the plants that helps with keeping bugs at bay, fungus at bay and encourages growth, beautiful blooms, and a clean air smell. I don’t always make it with the same amounts and depending on my stock of products, the concoction changes a bit each time – but luckily, it seems to work really well still.

  • Cute Spray Bottle
  • Water (3/4)
  • Colloidal Silver Liquid (1/4)
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil (20 drops)
  • Lavender Essential Oil (20 drops)
  • Rosemary Essential Oil (10-15 drops)
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (5-10 drops)
  • Oregano Essential Oil (5-10 drops)
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil (5-10 drops)
  • Bee Pollen (1/4 teaspoon – this can cause yellowing)
  • Always Shake Before Use
  • Spray This Once in A While, You’ll Know

Independent Millennial, Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration, Nutrition Sprays for Gardening Photo by Sensitive Betch: Image of spray bottles and flowers
Water Spray, Essential Oil Spray, Fungus Spray
  • Cute Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Eucalyptus oil (10 drops)
  • Tea Tree oil (5 drops)
  • Baking Soda (1/2 to 1 tsp)
  • Dish Soap (1 to 3 drops)
  • Always Shake Before Use
  • Spray This Once in A While, You’ll Know

Don’t forget to play amongst the garden & be sure to talk to your flowers, plants & succulents, they need the love & tlc from you 🙂

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