Leo Makes A PSA: “Sorry, But They Do NOT Care”

Independent Millennial, Leo Makes A PSA: “Sorry, But They Do NOT Care” Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch: Listen, Leo has a PSA for you guys! Know your worth.
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  6. Leo Makes A PSA: “Sorry, But They Do NOT Care”

Leo is here to make a Public Service Announcement to everyone. In these hard times though, no one seems to be listening. But hey, we keep on trying!

Now Is The Time To Think Critically

Take care of you and yours and know that others are doing the same. Remember that some things may not actually be to your benefit in the long run, even though they can be presented like a gift. Be resourceful, use your critical thinking, and recognize your strengths and weaknesses that make you human. Remeber this if you choose to give your power away to other people to choose for you. When groups and people claim their right over you as better and more knowledgeable than you, ask yourself what their intentions truly are.

Now Is The Time To Think For Yourself So That You Speak and Stand Up For Yourself

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