Learning By Sharing Information Brings Us Closer Together

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Learning is work we can never give up on. There is a lot going on right now and a lot of imagery and information to process. So we have to navigate all types of sources to make individually informed opinions and decisions. It’s hard to know what is true or false, or real or fake, these days. But in the pursuit of knowledge and self-realization, it isn’t about being the expert and being rigid in the knowledge of something external, it’s to continue to be willing to be open to not knowing, being wrong and ready to learn more. There is an abundance of ideas out there to consider and your imagination and thinking is limitless, once you allow it.

This world and all that exists within it is going to push and pull you in various directions. Trying to fill you with ideas, beliefs, and justification for action and direction. Trying to get into you or erode your patience and resilience. To know who you are, be who you are, and choose individually for yourself.

The goal is to stay true to yourself and find understanding in who you are and choose to be. This way, as the waves come crashing against you, you can still see your own imprints and thus, remember it is your right to stand up for yourself again.

The Legend: Thomas Sowell
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Learning involves branching out towards the things we do not fully understand and may be uncertain of. History allows us to have hindsight and to see patterns in choices and to be able to learn to do better. So step outside your comfort zone and be open to various ideas that can make you think and learn. We don’t have to accept every idea, thought or expression. In fact, to be able to consider an idea and then decide to accept, reject or be influenced by it, allows us to better develop our own critical thinking.

I believe it’s time for people to reflect on what they understand freedom to be. I think in today’s day and age, it is an important concept to understand and come to terms with what it means. Freedom for you means freedom for another. That means freedom to be an individual. Differences of opinions, research, information, beliefs, and actions will certainly exist and thus, cannot necessarily be deemed right or wrong, good or bad, smarter or dumber. We cannot fit into specific boxes or force one another to join and conform.

Do We Understand Our Rights and Freedoms?

This is probably where freedom gets complicated. It’s confusing to be free to choose for yourself and to allow others that same freedom to choose – because it may be different. Each choice can not be deemed right or wrong necessarily since they are choices that work for the individuals involved. It may be difficult to feel secure in your choice when it is different from everyone else. To believe something is right and beneficial while accepting that others may not follow or agree can be difficult. It doesn’t mean your choice is wrong or bad. It’s just for you as an individual, different from others who are also choosing for themselves. It is a confusing concept of freedom to be right and wrong for yourself when others try to choose for you. It leads to issues of corruption in morality and forces people to conform to group choices in order to determine what is right or wrong for the individual.

Independent Millennial, Learning By Sharing Information Brings Us Closer Together, Image of Thomas Sowell with Quote: One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain. - Thomas Sowell

To propose and promote freedom is to be ready to be honest with yourself and others. It also means being ready to take honesty from others. This doesn’t mean that everyone’s truth is your truth, but it does mean that two truths may exist in a moment. Now the way to come to real conclusions that allow two opposing truths to become a compromised middle ground for understanding going forward is through dialogue and understanding of the other. They are different to you but still worth the same considerations that you expect for yourself.

Be Free To Be You

If we were able to recognize and accept that we are all different, while promoting the freedom to be different and still cared for, we could better realize our individual potential. Through this we could find ways to get along, learn, grow and progress together while still being able to hold onto who we are individually. Even though freedom can breed disagreement, that doesn’t equate it to be negative automatically. The thing is our differences are what actually create societies and allow us to get on cohesively and progress. In these circles one can learn from another, fill the gap another cannot or provide help and assistance, otherwise unavailable.

It’s a happy accident that we are all so different when it comes to our personhood, ideas, actions, cultures and perspectives. It allows us to exist socially like we do. So it is important to find what you believe in for yourself. Know who you are for yourself and prioritize wanting to know and find things out for yourself. I believe a lesson we keep being forced to learn but people keep ignoring is that if you do not believe in something… even yourself, you will be forced to fall for or conform to anything.

Happy New Year everyone!

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