Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians

Independent Millennial, Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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Inflation got you manipulated and down? Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the politics and politicians!

Oh corruption, Politicians and Corporate Elites favourite things to do are to use propaganda and redefine language so to normalize corruption…

Just because they have a term to label and define the horrible decisions made over the last decades, allowing this weak country to exist today so that it has nothing to stand for and thus, falls for anything – doesn’t mean that using the term as a scapegoat to justify and distract from the reality that it is in itself the created problem is forgotten.

Canada has been in crisis for a very long time with citizens turning a blind eye to it. Too often here in Canada we find ourselves talking the talk without walking anywhere or actually accomplishing anything. We have been debating the exact same crisis issues here for decades and they have only gotten worse.

Inflation: The Favourite Term Made and Used by Politicians, Inflation The Made Up Term Quote by Sensitive Betch: Inflation, a made up term created and used to justify the monetary consequences paid by consumers/citizens for the incompetent, criminal decisions made by politicians and business owners who illegally download those costs onto the consumer/citizens to ensure their profits build.

It’s time to hold accountable those who are making decisions that lead to terrible consequences and start doing better. We have the time, material, technology and intelligence… I am so fed up of the same brainwashed narrative excuse being used.. “there’s just not enough money, there’s just not enough people, there’s just not enough qualified candidates.”

Come on, give over already, none of that is the case, there is more than enough time, material, tech, and great minds capable of doing anything that we need. The problem is that there is a monopoly on power and progress and we don’t know what we think we know because of corruption.

There is a real problem that exists and it is the inherent evil that can lie within humans that we are choosing to ignore. Human beings choose greed and power to the detriment of others and if we were to first acknowledge and accept that, we could finally work towards being better than that and actually start sharing our knowledge and power so to design a world that actually works for everyone and allows people to actually mind their business and live their lives.

Our need to label and term everything across the globe to justify its existence while simultaneously doing nothing to combat those issues is truly exhausting and insane.

Wake up Canada. Wake up to everything that has been and is going on.

Read more about Inflation on Wikipedia.

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