Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World

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Holding onto ourselves for dear life!

Hello Everyone!

The season is changing and it’s a chance to start fresh.

Sorry it’s been a minute. We’ve been busy lately – life keeps throwing us curve balls here in Canada and we are settling in after a move to top it off. There is a lot to keep track of, organize and restart with, making it a little more difficult to find time for absolutely everything lately. Ultimately though, we are taking this time to really reset our thinking and prioritize ourselves. I’ve also been using this time to do a lot of work in the background for this site. So make sure to always explore the site as I am updating and changing different parts all the time!

Independent Millennial, Holding Onto Yourself When Navigating A Changing World, Pixelated Eyes Still See Digital Art by Sensitive Betch
Adapting to Change

It is vitally important that we learn to design and maintain a life that takes care of our own lives first and foremost. It’s so easy to be distracted by all that is going on around us. We quickly put ourselves and our own needs and wants on the backburner before realizing why we are burning out.

Check It Out: Gathering my Latest Thoughts

I am observing the world going that little bit crazier each day. So this step back from it all has been a much needed break because nothing seems to be changing for the better or waking people up. While things shift into a new gear for us all, we need to remember that moderation in all things is key! Things are changing now that we are moving to the online world more and more. We could make the most of it in the most positive ways this time around though.

Gotta take care of our own yards first… Make sure to prioritize time for you and yours!

One of the pros to the internet: we have access to information, ideas and scenes from around the world in a second. On top of that, we can reach each other far and wide! The internet can truly bring us all closer together and make way for tons of information. We can share ideas from across the world, learning and seeing things we never had access to before, especially without physically travelling. It can be a chosen community for shared likes, interests, hobbies, and absolutely everything across the board. We can help one another realize the larger world out there and learn more than we could have thought possible. But it takes us checking ourselves to keep this priority in mind.

Stay True to Who You Are

Sometimes your own values, beliefs, choices and character decisions can lead you down difficult paths. We tend to have this belief that staying true to such things will leave our life more peaceful, allow us to feel secure in every decision we make and feel like we did the right thing every time. However, staying true to yourself or staying true to a decision you made that you know is fundamentally right for the long term may be one of the hardest things to follow through on. It may leave you questioning yourself and questioning the values that make you.

When we question what is right or wrong and feel like we’re unsure or that our beliefs are wrong, it’s difficult to keep on track. It is in these difficult times that you question yourself, question who you have met, how you have changed and why you ended up where you are in that moment of life. It can be in these moments that regret festers, but these are the moments that you need to remember your lessons that brought you here and allowed you to move forward better.

A Hub For All Sorts of Interests and Trades

Online is the go to place for learning and taking your mind off of things nowadays. You can shut the rest of the world out to focus on like minded people or ideas when and if you need. It’s also a good place to expand upon your knowledge and comfort zone while doing it on your own terms.

It allows sites like mine to really prosper as we seek inspiration and outlets for expression! I hope that if you’re reading this now, you’ve joined this hub with that in mind. I’d love for you to spend some time exploring what’s here and are encouraged to come back when you’re wanting to take your next break from everything else.

As a Jane of all trades I can’t seem to restrict myself to one interest or topic. I like to exercise all my ideas and thoughts as best I can, whenever I can. I have a lot of them as an old soul with a critically thinking mind and a free spirit. I’m pretty stubborn and enjoy accomplishing things myself so that’s why I love always working on this and things are always changing. It’s just me doing everything here – that’s why some things are slow to fruition though.

I write, design, create art and have a lot to say about society, politics and governance and am going to utilize all my interests and skills in developing this site as my best I can. My intention is to inspire you to do the same and to go against the grain, to ask questions as you design your own life. I believe that we ourselves are meant to be our own leaders and that we have so much to learn from the world and from each other if we actually listen, try and build upon things that make sense.

Life is Filled with Everything – So Be Informed About all Aspects of Your Life

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by and been exploring so far, I hope that you will continue to enjoy all that is to come and keep exploring all that is already here! Welcome to everyone new and I hope to see you here again!

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