Here Is A Poem, An Expensive Piece Of Paper

Expensive paper
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Here is a free verse poem, An Expensive Piece of Paper.

I have an expensive piece of paper. 
They said it's worth it, I'll need it. 
Though I'll be paying for it... 
The rest of my life. 
Since this paper has no experience, 
I've still to find the funds for it - 
because even though I'm working, 
it's still not good enough. 
Minimum wage, no experience required, 
this job makes ends meet. 
Long hours, hard work, 
people treating each other like dirt. 
It's no relevance to my study, 
and cannot cover such debts - 
trying to get started from 10 steps back from the rest. 
Making less but working more, 
bound by our debts and tied to such worth. 
We are young and free; 
the world is ours to experience and explore. 
Waiting to learn and to grow, 
yet we do not deserve the break or adventure. 
Debts rivalling a middle aged couple, 
no income or assets to cover the loss,
living paycheck to paycheck, 
It's a good living for the young. 

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