Growing Annuals Through Winter – Show Your Plants Some TLC

winter can't stop the green thumb's work
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Growing annuals can actually be a year round hobby, it doesn’t have to be shortened to the summer months outdoors. You just need to do a bit of work, find the right space with lots of light and show them your TLC to keep them growing!

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Ruby Leaf – Summer 2021

It would seem this plant is constantly changing colour depending on the water, soil, sun and location! When I first got it in the summer of this year, 2021, it was a tiny, deep purple coloured annual that I thought would only last for the summer. But this little guy grew to be massive and multiplied itself, never giving up!

I used the same methods for planting this (minus sand) as I did for my Garden Box, you can read HERE.

Alternanthera brasiliana (L.) Kuntze

Growing Annuals Through Winter - Show Your Plants Some TLC: Ruby Leaf Identified by PlantNet

I used the PlantNet App (not sponsored) to identify the name of my purple plant!

Keep reading to see it’s winter growth!

Check Out The Wonders of TLC Below ♡

My methods for gardening may be different to some because I do like to leave nature to it’s own devices to some degree. I believe that it makes them more hardy and used to the basics that they need. I find that when they are used to certain changes in temperature or location, but still have consistent needs met for food, water, sunshine, they continue to grow strong. With this in mind, when the snow first fell, I left all of my plants and flowers outside to show them they can handle it! So they did get touched by the first frost, but it seemed to only make them stronger. I wasn’t sure how they would fair, but continue reading to see, there is nothing stopping this guy from growing!

Growing a RUBY LEAF through Winter Indoors!

When I first brought it in in the beginning of November (winter was later this year), all the leaves were dead and the stems needed trimming. I decided they would have the best chance with a fresh start so I decided to trim all of the stems down. A little trick I always like to use is using the plant itself for extra fertilizer, whenever I trim stems or removed dead leaves, I evenly layer them on top of the soil so that they break down for nutrition.

Trim The Stems

I trimmed the stems of my Ruby Leaf and layered them along the top of the soil so that it can break down and act as extra fertilizer. This needs ton of water but is specific in how it wants it right now. So I water it from below, filling the red bowl with water.

Once the trimming is done, it’s fertilizer is ready to work and it’s been watered, make sure it’s in a location with TONS of light because that’s the main ingredient!

After giving it about a month and a half to be warm, have lots of light and constant water, it started to grown again!

Day after day this little guy started to grow and now here it is today in winter! An annual growing again once it’s in a warm and nurturing environment! One and a half months of growth and it’s this size.

The Ruby Leaf Grows Again!

Growing Annuals Through Winter - Show Your Plants Some TLC: ruby leaves growing

As you can see the leaves are a rich green colour with purple veins as they are growing fresh right now. I’m curious to see if they start to change to the deep purple again. I will keep you all posted!

I hope this helps inspire you, if you weren’t ready to give up gardening for the year just yet! Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments below 🙂

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