Governance and Politics: Theories On Their Destruction

Independent Millennial, Governance and Politics: Theories On Their Destruction Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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Governance and politics; I’ve been thinking a lot about history repeating itself. Perhaps more accurately, thinking about how we never seem to exit the endless cycle of old history and leadership repeating itself. We seem to be at the crux of greed, manipulation and poor decision making. Maybe those who are most caught up in it, did not believe they would end up being around to see or face the consequences.

Heaven Forbid We Think For Ourselves

In my mind, this is why we have seen things escalating so much more and in so many strange ways. The players are still trying to change the rules of the game so that they do not lose, or do not pay the consequences to their rigging attempts. 

Based on this, the level of corruption, crime and manipulation committed so flippantly highlights something so much deeper than a generally greedy culture that passes through generations. I do believe this is why Millennials have become perceived as such a threat to their thinking and tactics. We are the consequences to their consistency of corruption, lies and manipulation. They rigged the game to make us jump through hoops to be considered capable and it made us critical thinkers that question the actions and consequences of every decision.

Heaven Forbid We Take Care Of Ourselves

I wonder sometimes if this is why there appears to be such a strong desire for the Millennial generation to move back into a simpler lifestyle; a focus on nature and a renewed focus on family and living life with honest purpose. We have always existed under the direction, hardships and consequences of their decisions that make no sense, and it’s the only leadership we have ever known, so we aren’t surprised by losing and we really do work to think for ourselves. 

So I wonder; the adults and experts deciding over us have been the same people the last 60 odd years. Checking history, they are the product and long end consequence of war. Looking back on our realities and history, they are the most corrupt adults, abusing children and vulnerable people during an age that has enough intelligence to know better. They pretend to focus on empowering these groups, in order to gain power because it is all they know conquers. In this, they pretend to have our backs as they push us into undermining autonomy of self , various forms of debt servitude as well as giving up citizen rights. 

Independent Millennial, Governance and Politics: Theories On Their Destruction Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
Heaven Forbid We Imagine Our Own Lives With A Better Future

They rose from desperation after war; coming back as if it never occurred. They grew up to be completely disconnected from human connection, family, security and support. In having nothing and feeling afraid to lose it all again, they have done everything they can to hold onto it themselves. This is where we are now and it’s not good. People in these groups who follow the abusive culture of undermining the successes of the next generation and society that the torch is to be passed to need real help. This will never change however, if we can never speak to it or explore and act on how to change for the better. 

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