Gathering My Latest Thoughts

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Gathering my thoughts from the last while, so I thought I’d write them down in a list…

  • Common sense is not all that common and when common sense is lacking, it makes trouble for everyone.
  • Governance and leadership are hard because it’s difficult to be an advocate for what is right and to keep going.
  • You will know when you get there.
  • Often times, those who are hurt the most are those who are powerless to acting within the system.
  • Keep your feet grounded and stay true to yourself.
  • Problems fester when those with positions of power do not put up a resistance within the systems that demand a checking of power and ego.
  • Life is good… when you, yourself, choose to make it good, according to the vision that you believe will make it good.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your own voice.
Independent Millennial, Gathering My Latest Thoughts, Quote Image by Sensitive Betch: When you know what makes you happy, you know exactly how to make it. When you understand your happiness, you know exactly how to keep it.

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