Freedom Is Ours, So Make It Yours

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Freedom isn’t actually something to be handed out. Nor is it just a concept for some of the greatest movies. It doesn’t matter what version someone tries to spin – freedom is ours. It’s a mindframe and understanding that is inherently yours – not a commodity to be owned by others.

What Would William Wallace Say?

It’s a world we’ve known too long but it’s definitely a world we can change to be better and to reflect what really works for us.

When you understand what your freedom is and to have a free mind, you stand to truly see what ways it is being infringed upon. So exercise your freedom, and be responsible for existing as who you are.

Braveheart is still one of the best movies. We don’t need to go back or resort to such methods, but we can each take it upon ourselves to recognize our purpose and exercise our freedom to realize it.

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