Crypto: Time For Some SHIB

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Crypto is here to stay so I bought some SHIB tonight!


For those who know, already know, and for those who want to find out, it’s time to check out cryptocurrencies!

This is Not Advice.

Many of us have been following the lovely ups and downs of the crypto world with high hopes for our coming financial freedom. As we’ve been watching, it just continues to get better. It’s really making it fun and exciting to head towards personal sovereignty and a more decentralized system.

If you’ve been here before you know I do a bit of dabbling in Stocks and Crypto. In Crypto, I’m holding a bit of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Basic Attention Token, Ripple and now Shiba Inu.

A Lesson Learned: I Hesitated to Invest

As I said, I do hold DOGE and am going to continue to as I want to see what it will become. I didn’t get in super early but still early enough at 🇨🇦 $0.27 and have been happy enough holding along with it’s ups and downs. That being said, I could have gotten in at a much lower floor, but I hesitated with doubt for a while before going for it.

I was hesitant with DOGE because I was slow to really trust my interest and trying at investing and was, in a way, actually ignoring the emerging world I knew was legitimately coming. Even though I was already investing, there was a lot of chatter and information, both real and fake to sift through in order to find the legitimate items and I found it affecting my decision.

That being said, it had been the case for a lot of things bombarding our lives, trying to direct us down one path. However, I find that the truth is really starting to fly now and on top of that, we can really see crypto emerging!

Ultimately I realized that once I was hearing the MSM talking negatively about Crypto, that meant I was on the right track and needed to just go for it. It’s annoying feeling uncertain or overthinking something, but I use that time to wonder about the item and why I keep coming back to it. I find that if I cannot stop coming back to something and it keeps circling around me, I need to check it out. So as I was watching DOGE grow and hit a floor that kept getting higher, I realized I needed to invest. Thankfully I did invest and it has served me well.

That Brings Me To Tonight…

I got a notification that SHIB was listed on Wealthsimple and Coinbase over the weekend, so it’s not letting me ignore it and something is telling me to look at the opportunity. SHIB Token allows you to hold millions, billions or trillions of tokens in your wallet and is really gaining some headway and has big plans for itself. This token system was even used to provide major relief to India over this pandemic.

I went on Coinbase to read a bit more about it and they are highlighting a market cap of 39 Billion, higher than DOGE. It has a much more abundant supply and diverse ecosystem and is designed to be in large supply. It’s totally different to DOGE but it may have even greater potential for reaching higher highs.

SHIB plans to be an alternative to DOGE on the Ethereum system and is entering the NFT world, all things are really looking up. Until tonight I hadn’t really been paying attention to the price that SHIB is at, I was just hearing and reading about its emergence into the crypto world. After looking at it tonight though and seeing it’s price, I see this is my opportunity to get in early like I had retrospectively wanted to with DOGE, so here we go!

Just as a note, I do not do major investments as I do not have any major sums but I have always invested what little amount I can when I can and when I don’t have the money, a little bit of trading just makes it all work out in the end.

So I invested 🇨🇦 $30.00 between the two accounts and because SHIB is so low right now, that small amount gave me massive quantities without any real risk for loss. Yay! 🙂


All I bought was 🇨🇦 $5.00 worth of SHIB, no amount to be worried about at all. Since SHIB is so low right now, spending so low still provides a great quantity (in my mind). At $0.00007041 per token, I now have 71, 007.61 SHIB tokens.

Independent Millennial, Crypto: Time For Some SHIB, 5 Canadian Dollar SHIB Token Purchase, Image by Sensitive Betch


I had a bit more money to use in Coinbase, so I bought $24.55 worth of SHIB that ended up giving me a whopping quantity of 360, 019.726356 SHIB Tokens.

Independent Millennial, Crypto: Time For Some SHIB, 25 Canadian Dollar SHIB Token Purchase, Image by Sensitive Betch
Total SHIB = 431, 027.336356

Now all I’m thinking is that SHIB can creep towards 1 cent and even that is already serving returns… that’s a crazy potential and for only $5.00. Remember the people who got rich back in the day off the new technology, buying it for nothing and holding? Well here we are with our chance now!

The potential is insane when it’s this low. It is a strange concept and I can already hear the doubt playing a song. Is it actually possible that such a small investment could create a potentially lucrative return? Once it hits the other side of the decimal. This is a long term investment to see the returns, but I do remember DOGE and all the rest being in this spot and this one appears to be likely to only succeed more with time.

The point of this post is to make a point that you don’t have to have tons of money to make a move, sometimes you just need to give it a shot and put a little bit down. Either way what is losing $5.00?… Well in this case, it’ll multiply ten fold… eventually!!

As long as we can be patient and HODL.

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