Crypto: Don’t Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding

Crypto is precarious, but don’t be afraid when buying or holding. Keep it small and manageable so you don’t risk your whole life on it. Have you been dabbling in the crypto world and are noticing you’ve been sweating more often? Don’t panic, just hold and go shopping in the sale to bring your averageContinue reading “Crypto: Don’t Be Afraid, Find Courage When Buying or Holding”

Crypto: Time For Some SHIB

Crypto is here to stay so I bought some SHIB tonight! For those who know, already know, and for those who want to find out, it’s time to check out cryptocurrencies! This is Not Advice. Many of us have been following the lovely ups and downs of the crypto world with high hopes for ourContinue reading “Crypto: Time For Some SHIB”

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