Spring Brings Sunshine: The First Days of Spring Are Here!

Spring is finally here and I know we all need this sunshine, warmth and sense of hope for change and renewal now, more than ever! So it’s time to soak up the sunshine and vitamin D because the flowers sure are! Here’s our first flowers of the Spring season! Outside in the garden and theContinue reading “Spring Brings Sunshine: The First Days of Spring Are Here!”

Sunshine and Cuteness on a Cloudy Day

Sunshine and cuteness to brighten up your day! It’s a cold and gloomy day, so let’s break it up by thinking back on the warm summer days! Obviously cats always cheer us up and their cuteness always warms us up. So here is our little Derperella rolling around in the garden with the tomatoes andContinue reading “Sunshine and Cuteness on a Cloudy Day”

Growing Annuals Through Winter – Show Your Plants Some TLC

Growing annuals can actually be a year round hobby, it doesn’t have to be shortened to the summer months outdoors. You just need to do a bit of work, find the right space with lots of light and show them your TLC to keep them growing! From Summer to Winter – Scroll To See MoreContinue reading “Growing Annuals Through Winter – Show Your Plants Some TLC”

Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?

Fairy Garden Box Inspiration is here! Check out the green thumb for inspiration and ideas. Getting Back to Nature – We All Need This Gardening is so good for all things; it’s good for you, it’s good for the plants, and more than anything, it relieves stress! I started my garden box outside so thatContinue reading “Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?”

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