This Is For You Canada

This Is For You Canada Because We Need To Remember...

As She Stands There

As she stands there... The followers may follow and walk along with them, without question or concern... but not her. Keep your head up, eyes peeled, mind strong, and questions ready. She let them stomp on by, held her head up high, raised her hand and showed them peace. I'll find my own way, thanks. … Continue reading As She Stands There

Serve Your Thoughts Up On A Platter: A Painting GIF

Serve your thoughts up on a platter because now is the time to think for yourself so that you will speak for yourself. Just keep in mind that with freedom comes choice and with it comes responsibility as well as accountability.

Navigating Your Identity

Navigating your identity is your path to finding yourself. Listen to Yourself. Believe In Yourself. Check out more Inspirational Art & Media

Find Beauty In Yourself and In What Makes You Stand Out

Find beauty within yourself. It's all inside you to explore and bring to light. It is beautiful to be unique... so find beauty in what makes you stand out. Your perfection is yours to make, so listen to yourself and believe in yourself.

Dare To Be Yourself

Dare to be expressive... Dare to be yourself.

Stand Up For Yourself

Stand up for yourself and make choices for yourself.

Observe and Question

Observe this life through your own eyes and mind and you might start to see that everything is different than what you are always told. You need to look out for yourself, think for yourself and speak for yourself. Question, Question, Question, Always Make Sure to Question!