Canada, Are We Facing National Exhaustion?

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Canada is making itself out to be a joke on the national stage, and those of us watching from home are not impressed. It has become an absolute joke and this country’s true stance is truly being seen now. This country’s liberal approach to developing its economic foundation and social safety net through fraud, manipulation and pure incompetence is absolutely pathetic and shameful.

Time For This To Make The Rounds Again, Since It’s Still Relevant…

Oh Canada! 😣

We are responsible to do our part every single day and with every single interaction we have to ensure that rules and laws that apply to everyone equally are understood as exactly that; rules and laws that apply to everyone equally. To ensure that expectation is maintained and upheld, the necessity to remember and to remind becomes apparent.

We have no excuse for leaving people confused, unsure, worse off or in poverty in 2021 and beyond because it continues to exist through purposeful decisions made by every citizen, every single day. We all hold each other accountable for all that we do to contribute to the whole. All parts are connected and we need to recognize that and communicate as such to succeed together. 

While we continue to dismiss this reality, we are allowing the responsibility to be passed over. As that responsibility continues to be overlooked and held onto by no one, the belief that responsibility needs to be taken and held onto and then passed on starts to die. In time, this creates a culture in people which is realized in societies and their norms; creating the norms within societies that nobody is responsible for anything themselves. Thus, can always pass it on – even if that is being passed onto no one, we still expect it will manifest itself. 

Independent Millennial, We Are Free, Do Not Forget Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

This led to an entitled approach that there will always be someone else to pick up the pieces or do what needs to be done. Issues are minimized to be framed so that they will just work themselves out or it’s somebody else’s problem. This has ensured that people no longer recognize themselves as part of the whole and thus are moving through life doing and saying anything they want to without any consequence or recognition that their actions and words contribute to the harm that is undermining the country, individual citizen and fundamental human rights. 

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With this, we now raise some people up, while we purposefully drop others. To continue with this practice without acknowledgement that this division is harmful to all of our success, is shameful and needs to change. But if we recognize this and make our own changes in ourselves to make better interactions with others, allowing for small actions to thrust positive action and thought in each other and our lives, we can change these norms and hopefully succeed together. 

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